Oct 29

New York Times Admits a Faint Possibility Hagan will Lose

Conservatives often say the media is skewed to the left, conveniently ignoring Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Liberals retort that Fox News is the journalistic equivalent of Anthrax, conveniently ignoring everyone except Fox News.

Whereas MSNBC and Breitbart are tabloids, others – like Fox News, Washington Post, and New York Times – are somewhat more credible. Still, they are propaganda outlets which means they ignore pieces of the story, deliberately withhold information, take things out of context, et cetera. But higher standards than that are hard to find, which is why I am looking to all three for coverage of this year’s midterm.

The New York Times gives a daily update, and although all indications announce the Democrats are in for it, they have never gone further than announcing Republicans had a “slight edge”. The odds they give each Democratic candidate are pretty unrealistic. Obviously, they want Democrats to win really, really badly. But even with that in mind, I typically reread the top of the page to verify they are, indeed, talking about the 2014 midterms. Since that appears to be the case, the only remaining conclusion is that the New York Times has hired Pollyanna to write optimistic propaganda for the Democrats.

"If Congress has an 11% approval rating, that must mean that the other 89% of people adore them!"

“If Congress has an 11% approval rating, that must mean that the other 89% of people ADORE them!”

So imagine my surprise when I saw the latest posting from the New York Times which gives Republicans a moderate edge and gives Kay Hagan just a 70% chance to win. 70% still sounds Pollyannaish to me, but to the New York Times, this is dystopia. They are about as likely to accept a probable Kay Hagan loss as the Pilgrims were to embrace the Anna Nicole Smith show. (Whew. I had a really hard time coming up with something less likely.)

Side note: If I were in Kay Hagan’s shoes, I would avoid doing interviews if reporters can ask unscripted questions. That’s a luxury reserved for honest people… or more accomplished liars.

I always feel so embarrassed when I see her trying to evade questions – and she is so unprepared that it’s like she had no idea the reporter was going to ask if she regrets parroting Obama’s false, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it”, or skipping security briefings to go to fundraisers for herself, or funneling $400,000 taxpayer dollars to her husband and son.


5 Reasons to Kay Hagan Deserves to be Thrown Out of Office

Who would vote for Kay Hagan and why? These questions hover up there with “Who built Stonehenge?” or “Where is Jimmy Hoffa?”

Some say “better the liar you know than a liar you don’t know”. Some dislike Tillis, or think Haugh has no chance. Yet when you compare them to Hagan, they look good. So does a braying donkey.

Here are 5 reasons Hagan must be thrown out.


1. Hagan Doesn’t Do Her Job

Hagan’s job is to represent North Carolina. Yet she repeatedly votes against her constituents’ best interests and wishes. For instance:

  • NC did not want Obamacare. Hagan voted for it. It couldn’t have passed without her.
  • NC wants voter ID laws. Hagan threatened to sue the state if this happened.
  • NC wants government transparency. Hagan votes against all transparency/sunshine acts.
  • NC wants to curtail spending. Hagan votes for increased spending without cuts. 
  • NC wants immigration enforcementHagan voted to allow the Justice Department to sue the states for following their own immigration laws. 
  • NC does not want amnesty. Hagan supports amnesty and voted to enable illegals to get credit cards and expanded welfare benefits. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.51.29 AM 

2. She’s an Ingrate

Kay Hagan makes me feel sorry Barack Obama – which is kind of impressive. She’s happy for Obama to fundraise for her, yet she leaves the state to avoid being photographed with him.  Just this week, she said he’s “frustrating” and a weak leader. She behaved in a similar way before she was in the Senate, when Clinton got into trouble over Monica Lewinsky. Hagan asked The Greensboro News and Record to remove a picture of her because Bill Clinton was in the background, and she didn’t want people to think she supported him.

Though she never read the Affordable Care Act, she voted for it. In fact, she backed Obamacare 100%, helped ram it through over the majority of Americans’ protests, and then stood at Obama’s side, happily accepting credit for helping orchestrate a hostile government takeover. Yet when the RMS Obamacare hit the inevitable iceberg, Hagan was the first rat off the ship.

I've never even heard of "Obama".

I’ve never even heard of “Obama”.


3. She has Repeatedly Shown She Cannot Be Trusted

Obama said that Hagan and others distance themselves from him to get reelected, but in the end, they’ll still vote with him. Hagan’s record verifies that. No matter what she says, reelecting her would be same old.

Hagan passed a stimulus that enriched her family and generated an ethics complaint. After the story broke, Hagan skipped a debate, opting to give Tillis one hour of free advertisement rather than answer questions about how she funneled $400,000 taxpayer dollars to her husband and son.

Kay Hagan


4. She’s a Hypocrite with a Capital H 

Her criticism of Tillis for accepting out-of-state money was just; unbelievably, she then skipped a security briefing to go to – you’ll never guess – an out-of-state fundraiser for herself.


Hagan says Tillis doesn’t understand “the needs of women”, yet she condemns his support for expanded access to over-the-counter birth control.

According to Kay, former Senator Dole’s record of voting with President Bush 92% of the time proved she was unable to think for herself. However, Hagan views her own record of voting with President Obama 96% of the time as proof she is an independent thinker who courageously stands up to her own party.



5. Even Hagan Can’t Think of a Reason to Vote for Hagan

Hagan can give no reason to vote for her. For one thing, she’s allergic to putting herself on record about anything. It would be nice if she could throw in at least one more thing to set herself apart from the other candidates. Maybe she could come out as anti-suicide or discourage people from becoming serial killers.

Her campaign identified education as the one issue on which she can speak. She wants higher pay, smaller classrooms, better textbooks, etc. But education is a state issue. No matter who North Carolina elects, that person has zero say-so about state education. A United States senator is not consulted, cannot veto, cannot sign anything into law. If Hagan wants to be involved in education, she should get a job at the state level (but not in North Carolina).

And her record? She’s been in the Senate for six years. Isn’t there anything she’s proud of doing? Apparently not. Hagan literally ran away at her own press conference when reporters asked her questions about her voting record. You would too, if you had her record.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.51.29 AM

Kay Hagan and 14 other senators who support Amnesty can be Voted Out of office in November

68 U.S. senators (click here to see who) that are in office to defend our country, Constitution, and laws officially voted to reward illegal aliens with amnesty.

You may wonder whether they are corrupt or dangerously incompetent. Who cares? The only sure thing is that these men and women are not fit to serve the people.

Thank goodness there is some good news. Five of these morons are retiring [Baucus (MO), Harkin (IA), Johnson (SD), Levin (MI), and Rockefeller (WV)] Even better, your chance to replace many others with real statesmen (or stateswomen) will occur in less than 7 weeks.

Here is a list of the senators who voted for amnesty and are up for reelection:

  1. Begich (AK) out in 2014
  2. Pryor (AR) out in 2014
  3. Udall (CO) out in 2014
  4. Coons (DE) out in 2014
  5. Durbin (IL) out in 2014
  6. Landrieu (LA) out in 2014
  7. Cowan (MA) out in 2014
  8. Franken (MN) out in 2014
  9. Hagan (NC) out in 2014
  10. Shaheen (NH) out in 2014
  11. Udall (NM) out in 2014
  12. Graham (SC) out in 2014
  13. Merkley (OR) out in 2014
  14. Reed (RI) out in 2014
  15. Warner (VA) out in 2014
Time to replace us!

Time to replace us!

What to do next?

Step 1: Register to vote, if you haven’t already. You can get started by clicking this link:  http://votesmart.org/elections/voter-registration#.U8nx_43qc08

Step 2:  Vote in November and send these unfit public servants packing. We cannot afford to have them voting on our future.