Q&A with a Wide-Eyed Baby: Hillary Clinton edition

Q&A with Wide-eyed Baby

Q&A with Wide-eyed Baby

Ruby Lee (RL): Good morning, child. Why so irate?

Wide-eyed Baby (WEB): I was supposed to be doing Q&A with Hillary Clinton, and now her people say she isn’t taking any questions. I thought all candidates would do anything for media coverage.  

RL: Most candidates will actually perform tricks, like performing seals, in exchange for media coverage. Marco Rubio will balance an apple on his nose.

WEB: I wonder why Clinton doesn’t do that? Maybe she thinks it’s unethical.

RL: (choking with laughter) That’s probably it. No, she just knows she’s going to be the Democratic nominee, no matter what. She can treat the media like garbage, and they’ll still do everything they can to get her into office.

WEB: Why?  

RL: (after a startled pause) Good question. I don’t know. Anyway, you should have gotten confirmation from Hillary’s people.

WEB: I did! But her campaign manager said it was deleted. Now what am I going to do?

RL: (magnanimously) I will answer questions on Hillary’s behalf.

WEB: Did the Clinton campaign authorize this?   

RL: Oh, don’t worry. Hillary and I are cool.

WEB: Okay, so you’re her stand-in. You answer questions as if you were her.

Ruby Lee (as Hillary Rodham Clinton): No comment.

WEB: You’re sort of the de facto Democratic nominee already. 

RL (aHRC): More like de facto President!

WEB: Overall, how do you feel about your record as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State? 

RL (aHRC):  FAN-tastic!

WEB: I’m going to play a short clip for you, then I have a follow up question.  

WEB: In the general election,  the Republicans are expected to press you about your role in the Benghazi attack. How will you respond to allegations of negligence like the ones Rand Paul leveled against you? 

RL (aHRC): That little punk. He would’ve fired me? Wait, wait until I am the president. I’m going to revoke his citizenship. No, no, I’ll make him the ambassador to Benghazi. Ha!

WEB: Is Benghazi a country?

RL (aHRC): Shut up. Anyway, he was clearly campaigning for president there, wasn’t he? What’s more despicable? The tragedy through my negligence, or the exploitation for his campaign? I ask you.

WEB: That is a very good point. When you were the First Lady, you tried unsuccessfully to push healthcare reform. How do you feel about the Affordable Care Act?

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BB King

Farewell, B.B.!

B.B. King passed away last week.

Celebrity news rarely fazes me – but B.B. King wasn’t a celebrity. He was a friend.

His album, Live and Well, was the first blues album I ever had and it was a revelation – a whole different world I’d never heard of.


His death is a huge loss to the blues, the music industry, and the world in general. His daughters were in the news today. They believe his manager deliberately poisoned him – murdered him. That hurts my heart.

I’ve seen B.B. King perform twice, and he was fantastic. The last time he was in his late 70s. His tour manager came out first and told the audience B.B. was well, but a performance was a lot of work and he got tired quickly. He didn’t want people to expect too much or beg him for an encore.

B.B. walked out in the middle of his spiel and waved him off. “What are you talking about? I feel great!” I remember him joking with the audience, and dancing a little while he played Lucille.

Farewell B.B.!

Thank you for introducing me to the blues. I’ll always be your fan.


Here he is, in his heyday, playing How Blue Can You Get?



President, GOP Join Forces; Thereby Alienating Any Remaining Supporters

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) cleared another hurdle, bringing us one step closer to another economic disaster.

President Obama asked Congress for the power to accelerate trade deals like TPP through the legislative process, which is informally called fast track. 62 senators (13 Democrats, 49 Republicans) led by Senator Mitch McConnell (R), gave in to this demand.

Obama (and all other presidents) want the moon and the stars. Congress is supposed to hold the purse strings and keep the president’s power in check. McConnell has pointed out dozens of instances of abuses of power by the Obama administration. Yet when the president demands more power, McConnell ought to push back and attempt to reclaim some power the president has already seized. Instead, he merrily grants his request. If you’re keeping score, that is Logic – 0, McConnell – 1.

Aren't you thrilled to be alive in a time when even a person as McConnell can make important decisions.

Aren’t you thrilled to be alive in a time when even impaired people have positions of power? 

McConnell offered this justification for the void where his leadership ought to have been:

“We all know that trade is important for American workers and American jobs. And we all know that, by passing this legislation, we can show we’re serious about advancing new opportunities.”

Hate to contradict you, Mitch. (Well, not really). But in any case, we don’t all know that. Primarily because it is a completely dishonest way of presenting the bill.

The House of Representatives is now the only thing standing between Obama and the bill that will hurt American blue collar workers. If they don’t turn into the Alamo, fast-track will pass and TPP is all but certain.

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