Big Brother Demands to See Your National ID Card!

It’s difficult to underestimate the current United States government. While the economy goes to hell and people lose their homes and savings, they lounge around posing for the media, exchanging catcalls, and congratulating each other on their 11% approval rating amongst American citizens. If he were alive today, Nero would probably take a break from fiddling and watching Rome burn to send his condolences to the United States on the arrogant and destructive legislators who are currently in office.

Not content with the unconstitutional healthcare reform bill and another giant leap towards communism, the yahoos in Congress have cooked up another dandy little plan. Americans’ privacy and civil rights are being eroded far too slowly to suit our leaders. So they’ve decided to hurry things up with a big drive to force Americans to carry a National ID card. It makes things so much easier – all of your personal information will then be immediately accessible on a single card. The government can demand you carry it. Police can demand to see it. Pretty much anyone in China can hack into it. (Wouldn’t it be great if the National ID card debuted the same week as the Individual Mandate? We could use the Constitution to start a big bonfire on Capitol Hill to celebrate!) This is one of those things Republicans and Democrats see eye to eye on, by the way.

It’s no secret that the Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill despise Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). (This alone implies everything honorable in a person.) He is a constant thorn in both parties’ sides – whenever they announce their latest Power Grab, Ron Paul rains on their parade with unpleasant facts like Constitutionality, the people’s rights, ending stupid foreign wars, fiscal responsibility, blah blah blah. This time is no exception, and Representative Paul’s organization, the Campaign for Liberty, is leading the drive to sign the petition against the National ID card.

Though they seem like they’re drunk with power, the legislators in Congress must be antsy. True, it’s business as usual, and they are counting on the fact Americans will conclude opposition is futile, are resign ourselves to whatever asinine policies they choose to implement. But no one goes on the offensive unless they feel threatened, and the politicians in DC have really stepped up the rhetoric lately (anyone who opposes any Big Government policy for any reason is branded as a violent revolutionary, a redneck, Flat Earth Society, racist, insensitive, etc.).

When the government loses the consent of the governed,
it’s only a matter of time until the leaders are ousted or the people are defeated.


Something we’re doing is working. Despite their confidence that Americans will soon abandon the struggle, there’s no explaining away the rising percentage of citizens who are voicing their distrust of both major parties. The Tea Parties, which have come under intense attack from the government and the media, are growing in number and frequency. New faces from formerly-obscure parties are popping up all over the political spectrum to campaign with alternative ideas. The outcry against the healthcare reform bill didn’t die away as soon as the legislation was passed. People are still annoying Obama to fulfill his campaign promises to end the war.

Signing the petition is very easy. Just enter your name and zip code, and you’ll be added to a petition sent directly to your Representative. So sign it – and when you’re done – send it to your friends, your family, and any other American of any race, religion, age, creed, or color who is interested in keeping their liberty! 

Click Here to Refuse the National ID Card!


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