Obama Fights for Amnesty

Can you imagine how frustrated Barack Obama must be by the lack of gratitude?

The president spent the past year fighting to implement healthcare reform legislation, despite overwhelming opposition from the right and the left. Yet Obama courageously ignored the public’s wishes, the calculations of economists, and warnings from medical experts nationwide. When Massachusetts went so far as to elect a Republican to the Senate to prevent the legislation from passing, it only seemed to encourage him. He stepped up his wheeling and dealing,

high-pressure sales, and individual buyoffs, going so far as to temporarily tolerate Dennis Kucinich’s friendship.

You’re welcome.

While the largest protests in American history were taking place just a few hundred yards away, the president continued to cut backroom deals like the Cornhusker Provision and union exemption. Now, for a mere twelve trillion of our depreciating dollars, Obama has succeeded in bringing all the benefits of socialized healthcare to the United States: higher taxes, longer waits, and reduced quality. And not a single thank you from the ingrate public.

Now that the healthcare bill is set to become a permanent financial burden to the U.S., Obama can breathe a sigh of relief and move forward with his agenda. So what’s next? The economy? Tax relief? End the wars? No, silly, amnesty!

You see, by legalizing 25 million Mexicans who live here illegally, we’ll eventually acquire over 42 million new citizens (when people send for their families).

The Obama administration must have sensed Americans are too dense to see the clear connection between amnesty and economic prosperity, because they immediately began to outline the many benefits this initiative will bring:

    • The brand-new Americans will have fresh perspectives (over 90% of them are classified as unskilled labor)
    • They’ll stimulate the already fierce competition for jobs by adding 25 million new candidates (in a related benefit their children will compete for educational grants and federal aid. Win-win!)
    • They are serious about civic involvement – they’re already planning to join social programs like Medicare and Medicaid

Just look at the “prototype” cities like L.A. and Miami. These cities have large illegal populations and are hemorrhaging money, resulting in budget cuts to areas like public safety – which happens to correspond to their 400% increase in crime.

Like so many times before, President Obama and his political allies who control both the House and the Senate, find themselves acting as lone crusaders, with only special interest lobbyists, multi-billion-dollar PACs, outspoken celebrities, powerful media conglomerates, and the Mexican government voicing support.

(The media has assumed the neutral perspective with which they usually treat Obama, hailing this lunacy as “courageous”, “bold”, and “committed”.)

Rev. Jesse Jackson makes a rare public appearance

Yet there are Americans who unaccountably refuse to admit amnesty is the answer to our nation’s woes.

Only one man has the integrity and ability to set America’s collective mind at ease, and that, of course, is Jesse Jackson. The shy and reclusive reverend temporarily overcame his aversion to publicity, and dubbed the initiative “a high vision”.

As usual, I’m in 100% agreement with Rev. Jackson; definitely someone was high. If you’ll pass the peace pipe, I’ll agree that Obama’s single-minded political ambition is as an inspiration. His intent to push amnesty is proof that one man can do lethal damage to a country that does not care enough to pay attention to what its leaders are doing.


2 thoughts on “Obama Fights for Amnesty

  1. there were so many things about obama nobody could believe but they’re all turning out to be true

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