Democrats Better Acknowledge It

The papers are buzzing with 2010 election predictions that the Democrats are going to get skunked. Obama’s popularity has dwindled at an astonishing rate, and Americans are equally dissatisfied with Congress.

“Americans aren’t thrilled with Congress? I had not heard that.”

According to the pundits, Democrats will be figuratively tarred and feathered because of rising unemployment and the Gulf Oil Spill. The candidates spend a lot of time defending their responses to these things. Americans aren’t that shortsighted though… obviously both of these things are major disasters, and no one just knows intuitively how to fix it, or they would. We’re all trying here.

The Democrats’ real problems are more subtle, and they aren’t acknowledged or addressed by the party. Unless they quickly correct that and come up with an ingenious plan to remedy it,

we can look forward to seeing many of our former representatives next to us in the unemployment lines.

1) They pass laws Americans don’t support. Suppose you give the Dems the benefit of the doubt, and believe that they passed healthcare because they think “it’s the right thing to do”. Americans are under the impression that the government is here to represent us. When they acknowledge they are acting against our wishes, even if they think they know better, it doesn’t go over well.

2) Their foreign policy is ineffective. One of the key issues which handed Obama the White House was his promise to end the wars and bring the troops home within 18 months. Well, here we are… our soldiers, far from being homeward bound, have just been recommitted by Obama to a minimum of three more years in Afghanistan.

3) Obama’s distasteful friends and allies. Obama’s friends include luminaries like Tony Rezko (felon), Rashid Kahlidi (terrorist-sympathizer), and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (“God damn America”), as well as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohm (convicted domestic terrorists). The Obamas were married by the Rev. Wright. His political allies include the beloved Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

4) Americans are aware the media is dishonest. Whether they watch Fox, MSNBC, CNN, or another network, Americans say they know the stories are filtered, edited, and rewritten to fit a right or left-wing bias. In 2008, the media would not report anything that portrayed Obama negatively, and quickly hushed up people like Jeremiah Wright before they could damage Obama’s reputation. They also managed to keep the mics away from Michelle, recognizing early on that she was a loose cannon.

5) Vocal Obama Supporters Are Usually Insane. Obama’s supporters are a cross-section of voters. Some are nice, kind, and normal humans. But many tend to be insane and/or offensive, including people who are guided by the opinions of celebrities and hipsters who see him as a Jonas Brother of politics.

Hi, I’m Sean Penn. You may have seen me in a movie or on TV. Now vote how I say.

In fact, his starry-eyed followers are far more exasperating than Obama, as they embrace anything he says without question. This actually hurts their man in the end because people can’t help but wonder, “if these people like him, what the hell’s wrong with him?”

6) Obama’s Apologies for America. Less serious but still annoying: Obama’s apologetic attitude about America, which he adopts with foreign leaders and diplomats. Of course we’re not perfect; no one said we were. But the president’s apologies don’t do much for his approval ratings.

Two fun-filled years into the Obama Administration, Americans are beginning to suspect that perhaps Obama isn’t all he was cracked up to be. Things are so dire, in fact, that apparently Obama was forced to appear on The View to shore up his image with “the soccer mom crowd”.

The media is broadly hinting that Americans have forgot the outrages of the Republicans and come November, the GOP will again dominate Congress.

It is true that America can’t stomach Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al. But you know what? There are no fans in the McCain, Gingrich, or Palin clubs either. The Democrats’ idiocy doesn’t absolve the Republicans of idiocy.

Here’s a typical case study to think over. My grandmother is a “Yellow Dog Democrat”, i.e., “if the best man in the world is the republican nominee and they run him against a yellow dog, I’ll vote for the dog.” She’s voted Democrat in. Every. Single. Election since FDR was in office. She voted for Obama, of course. Now she says she won’t support him in the next election, but “I won’t vote Republican for another 80 years. So I guess I’ll just stay home.”

Third Parties: Opportunity Knocks!
Americans want an alternative! The Tea Party’s sudden rise is proof of that. But the United States is a big country and there’s room for more than two or three ideas. If ever, now is the time!


One thought on “Democrats Better Acknowledge It

  1. Enjoyed the concise recap of how the coming elections beckons Ahab to his doom. The hunt for Moby Dick is like the quest for social utopia happy pills. Unfortunately, nobody believes in the happy pills except the brainwashed who ignore facts to fulfill their quest. The elections will be kind of like Moby Dick because the forces at play are larger than the tiny politicians who are smarter than us.

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