Double-Speak Gibberish

Some time ago, I wrote a piece on stupid corporate buzzwords. The recent resurgence of “Intellectual Property”, “Team Player”, and “Gender Neutral” are enough to provoke even the most level-headed writer into a bitter sequel… but sequels are so boring, aren’t they?

Instead, here’s a fun Companion Piece featuring Bureaucratic Double-Speak, Buzzwords & Gibberish.

Beginning with a bit of bureaucratic flavor!

Climate change = global warming

Undocumented = illegal

Tax relief = tax break

Pro-life = anti-choice

Pro-choice = anti-life

Taxpayers’ money = government funds

Inflammatory rhetoric = Thoughtcrime

Phrases now devoid of meaning…

He’s got issues.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too

You’re entitled to your opinion.

There’s no silver bullet / panacea

You do the math!

Ya think?

It is what it is.

That’s my cue

Whatever (or the infinitely more annoying “whatevs”)

Freedom isn’t free (although the Team America song is awesome!)

There’s a reason for everything

And there you have it

I rest my case

Live and let live

What goes around comes around

Think about it

Let’s agree to disagree.


That is so wrong.

Here it comes


You’re either with us or against us

And winding up a special tribute to thought-terminating clichés!

Tin-foil hat

Fundamentalist Christian

Fundamentalist Muslim











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