Sweden’s Brave New Pre-School

Sweden is primarily known for producing ABBA, and although the country has never issued an official apology, I’ve never met anyone who is violently anti-Swede. Like its country of origin, the small Swedish pre-school called Egalia seems unlikely to attract attention from Australia, the U.S., and beyond. The age range of 1 – 6 seems a little broad for a pre-school, but that’s not radical, it’s just daycare. Like other pre-schools and daycares around the world, the children play together, listen to stories, and learn about colors and shapes.

It is the pre-school’s political agenda that attracted worldwide attention. The mission to shatter gender roles is at the heart of this creepy social experiment. Not shattering gender limitations but gender roles. It goes much, much further than treating people as individuals, or even bland political correctness, and attempts to obliterate gender entirely. The Swedish government has even included breaking down gender roles as a core mission in the national curriculum for preschools. They’ve explained this is because boys are favored in society.

Egalia has created a bizarre world in which children are indoctrinated with a far-left belief system. Every detail of the children’s day has been manufactured to meet Sweden’s social engineering goals. Personal pronouns, such as ‘him’ and ‘her’ are banned. Instead of “boys and girls”, the teachers address the children as “friends”.

Specialists are onsite to help prevent the use of gender-focused language and behavior. Children play with gender-neutral dolls, and strategically placed toys. Like gender words, classic fairy tales are banned, as they reinforce debilitating gender stereotypes.

So what replaced Snow White and Robin Hood? It should come as no surprise Egalia is also devoted to a gay agenda. The Director of the school leads a quick perusal through the library, and explains that the children’s books feature mostly gay couples and single parents. She and the other teachers encourage children to play house with “two moms or three moms and so on.” Because pre-schoolers need to be informed about alternative lifestyles and non-traditional sexual preferences.

The Director admits some people have challenged Egalia’s methods, namely racists who are appalled by the presence of black dolls. Who knew Sweden is teeming with racists who are totally cool with the LGBT agenda being crammed down the children’s throats? Sorry – the genderless friends’ throats.

This methodology is insulting to everyone, and destructive to the children. Reading between the lines, banning gender references implies “girls need extra help” and “boys must be forced to treat girls as equal”. Poor little souls, after a manipulative education like this, they’ll be ashamed of their own anatomy, and feel victimized by terms like man or woman. How can they relate to other children after this kind of conditioning? But apparently, that is not a concern. Egalia rejects the conventional wisdom that everyone should be treated with respect, and school should be about education.

Incidentally, do you think there’s a chance ABBA might change the lyrics of Dancing Queen to something more non-descriptive and acceptable? What about renaming it  Swaying Person or Moving Organism?


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