Super Congress: This Way Lies Tyranny

By the way.

The federal government recently announced an initiative, designed to encroach on your freedom, and plunder the remainder of the country’s treasury.

You have a few perfectly reasonable questions, I see.

What is Super Congress? A whole new, unelected layer of government.

But I didn’t vote for this! Nobody did. Super Congress is a by-product of last week’s incomprehensible debt ceiling grandstanding.

Wait: that was never even brought up during the whole debt argument! Well, no. It was slipped in to the compromise agreement at the last moment (gasp!).

So what will this illegal body of government called Super Congress do? They will oversee the budget, reduce the deficit, ensure money is spent wisely.

I thought that’s what Congress is supposed to do. It was but since they’ve failed in a truly bewildering fashion, they’ve passed the job along.

So will Congress go away? Hahahaha! No, little grasshopper, Congress won’t go away! They plan to concentrate on other areas, like foreign policy (who WILL we invade next?).

Well, if they’re not doing a big part of their job, will they take a pay cut? It is far more likely they’ll award themselves another 100% raise.

How will Super Congress members be elected? They won’t. They’ll be appointed.

Who will appoint them? Nancy Pelosi, the 1-watt beacon of liberty, and Harry Reid are in charge of naming the Democrats to the committee. John “Pass the Kleenex” Boehner and Mitch McConnell are in charge of appointing the Republicans.

Who will the Super Congress answer to? Nobody. Super Congress will write their own rules regarding what to disclose to the American people. From now on, we’re on a need-to-know basis.

So our economic future will be determined by four special interest puppets with extremist agendas? You got it.

Does it matter that the majority of Americans loathe Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, and Boehner and believe they are a threat to the country? Short answer? No.

All of this sounds illegal and unconstitutional. Oh, it totally is.

So our only hope is that Super Congress be made up of our most wise, honorable, and patriotic citizens? Oh, didn’t I mention? Super Congress members will be appointed from the current Congress.

But the Congress is functionally retarded! How can we expect the same people who caused this mess to somehow fix it? Super Congress has determined you don’t need to know that.

The concept of a Super Congress is a blatant power grab, and an insult to every thinking American.

Those who have hatched and executed this plan should be expelled from office for conspiracy and treason.  


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