Obama Unlikely to Occupy Wall Street

In 2008, Obama was King of Wall Street. He raised a record-breaking $43 million from the financial industry, the most of any candidate, ever. Post-inauguration, Obama supported the bank bailouts, an all-out theft of taxpayer money to support the corrupt bankers.

Wall Street was stunned when Obama began publicly and repeatedly criticizing them, calling them fat cats, and making numerous references to their greed.  (It was pretty awesome that Wall Street was on the other end of being double-crossed for once! Obama was right about them, but at the same time, he’s bailing them out with our money.)

Now it’s campaign season again, and the Obama camp recently stopped by the Big Bankers’ offices to pick up the blank check that should have been waiting for them. What’s this? It turns out Wall Street had taken offense. Obama & Co. are evidently unfamiliar with the old ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ adage. It’s “inexplicable” Wall Street has turned against the president, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner whimpered. Who could have seen that coming?

In a story that gets little coverage by the mainstream media, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters, who are considered to be leftists, are expressing their distaste for many things Obama is doing – the bank bailouts, the invasion of Libya, and his sometime-chumminess with the corporate vultures.

Why is everyone mad?

While many demonstrators stuck to the Evil Corporations line, growing numbers voiced dissatisfaction with the federal government in general. What really unnerved the journalists was the obvious disenchantment with Obama. “I don’t see any difference between Obama and Bush,” one protester said.

Another piped in, “Bush and Obama are both crooks. At least Bush was effective.” David Swanson, Progressive blogger writes, “Bush took the trouble to lie to Congress when starting wars. Obama goes out of his way to not consult Congress at all.”

Obama’s method of only being friends with Big Money when the cameras aren’t pointed at him must have given his Wall Street financiers some ideas, though. Now they only support him when it doesn’t cost them anything. I guess what goes around comes around.


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