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Hypocrites to the Left… Hypocrites to the Right

The political types who truly identify with “right-wing” or “left-wing” ideology seem to have a common blind spot.

Recess appointments give a President temporary power to install whoever he wants in certain positions without requiring Congressional approval, a practice with permanent consequences to the country.

A few years ago, George W Bush got some (but not enough) flack for his recess appointments. It amazed me that so many people were indifferent to this dictator-like action. Why didn’t anyone care?

The right issued a stern warning to everyone complaining about Bush’s recess appointments: “Democrats want to destroy the country!” they raged. “They’re trying to cripple the government by keeping important jobs empty. Bush is doing the only thing he can do.”

I was unconvinced, so the right gave up on me as an impractical hippie, welfare queen.

The left was more sensible. “That shows how narrow-minded

We're COMPLETELY different from them!

conservatives are,” they said. “This is a huge F U to Americans, but they can’t take any dissent.”

Today, Obama made a recess appointment. I looked to the left confidently, waiting for its condemnation – and froze. The same group was aglow with compliments on Obama’s “bold and decisive action”. “Good start! I hope we continue to see the new Barack Obama!”

“It thwarts the whole intent of the government,” all of us protesting said. But the argument the left understood and supported a few years ago did not resonate. “The GOP is obstructionist,” they retorted. “Obama HAS to do this to get anything done.”

For those of who remained unconvinced, we were dismissed as “rich 1% baggers” and our disapproval of recess appointments was determined to have roots in extreme racism. Sigh. Really?

This time, a conservative came to my defense. “The left can’t bear anyone who won’t go along with their groupthink, you know?”

Left and right face different directions, but they are mirror images here. Can you tell them apart?

You see, it's only wrong when YOU do it


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