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Hollywood’s Pathological Hatred of Italians

We’ve ignored it long enough.

It is time to confront the entertainment industry’s pathological hatred of Italians.  It is one of those things that’s always been there in the background, but I never saw it for what it was until tonight.

Things have a way of becoming very clear at 2:30 am on Wednesday, when you, Captain Morgan, and Nick at Nite have nothing else to do.

These producers and directors have systematically picked the dumbest oafs ever to represent Italians on TV. Maybe you could accept Joey Tribbiani and Fabio were a coincidence… but Chachi? And are we to believe that John Travolta and his chin were just cast at random?

Obviously this is a well-thought-out campaign, created to incite hatred toward a whole ethnicity of people. What did Italy ever do to you, Hollywood?

Well, I’m not ashamed to say it, I love Italians. They’ve given us spaghetti, Leonardo da Vinci, and Armani. If that means we also have to accept Jersey Shore, then so be it. It’s still a good trade.

Only one exception – Tony Danza – rises from the heap of Hollywood stereotypes. I’m sure you agree that Tony Danza is faultless, with the exception of his catchphrase (“Aaay-oh. Oh-aaay!”). But is that any reason to condemn him to a 27-season love affair with Angela Bower?

You’ve got to be kidding, casting director



Still need evidence? Let’s take a moment to examine this picture of the Fonz jumping the sharks on Happy Days. Jumping the shark in jean shorts, no less.


3 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Pathological Hatred of Italians

  1. At least the Italians get work! The only time the Irish get cast in anything is when they’re doing a movie set in Boston and even then you’re left out if you ain’t a redhead!

  2. This made me lmfao! I LOVE it – and it’s so true. Seems like there’s an evil plot against Italians for sure. I mean, have you seen any of the sh*t that Nicolas Cage’s been in? And don’t get me started on Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno!!!

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