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The Ransom Note Proves Patsy Ramsey Killed JonBenét

A little after 5 a.m. on the morning after Christmas 1996, the police received a call from Patsy Ramsey, reporting the disappearance of her 6-year-old daughter, JonBenét. Mrs. Ramsey stated she awakened that morning to find a note on the stairs, announcing the kidnapping of her daughter, along with a demand for ransom. JonBenét was nowhere to be found.

Police immediately descended on the home, awaiting the call promised in the ransom letter. It never came. Patsy Ramsey called a number of friends to notify them of her daughter’s disappearance, and as news spread, the home filled with friends and neighbors. The hours dragged by, and police urged John Ramsey, JonBenét’s father, to search the house for anything out of place that could provide a clue to what happened. Just a few minutes later, John Ramsey staggered back into the living room, carrying the body of his little girl. He had found her in the wine cellar, the first place he looked.

The official cause of death was strangulation, but JonBenét also suffered a massive blow to the head. John Ramsey destroyed the crime scene when he moved his daughter’s body; few concrete clues were left, with the exception of the ransom note. No one has ever been charged with the murder. JonBenét’s case is referred to as an unsolved mystery, but it would be more accurate to say the crime has gone unpunished since there is no mystery as to the killer’s identity. The ransom note gives her away as clearly as if she signed it.

The writer begins by self-identifying as part of a “foreign faction”. This is an obvious lie. In the first place, no one ever describes themselves as foreign. ‘Foreign’ is a word a native may use to describe an immigrant or a visitor. The writer attempts to back up this claim using choppy sentences and misspelling common words like business (“bussiness”). But the halting foreign wording soon gives way to smooth American English, just as “we/our” becomes “I/my”.  Although the letter is addressed to “Mr. Ramsey:”, the writer soon slides into “John” and reminds him that he’s not the only “fat cat” around.

Then there is the length of the letter. A typical ransom letter is a few lines, just long enough to communicate the demand. The Ramsey note was three pages. The police later found a “rough draft” of the note on the same pad of paper. The kidnapper/killer must have spent at least 30 minutes writing the notes. Someone with an imperfect grasp of the English language would require even longer to communicate clearly enough to be understood.

Breaking into a home and kidnapping a child while the parents are asleep in the next room is a bold proposition, and any successful kidnapper would understand that timing is critical. It takes an extraordinary amount of credulity to believe the perpetrator did not write the letter until after breaking into the Ramsey home, and then used paper and a pen belonging to the family. Money, after all, was the expressed motive of the crime. The ransom letter would hardly be an afterthought.

The short Lindbergh ransom note is typical of these communications.

The ransom note directs John Ramsey to use “that good, Southern common sense of yours” and follow instructions. He is told to withdraw $118,000 from his bank account and put the money in an adequate size attaché. Well, that’s odd. A few sentences ago, the writer could not spell ‘business’. Now, she’s throwing around “an adequate size attaché” (complete with the accent mark) and is apparently knowledgeable about American southerners’ propensity for common sense.

The demand for $118,000 is significant. It’s a relatively small ransom and it’s oddly specific: why $118,000? Why not $100,000 or $150,000? It later came to light John Ramsey’s Christmas bonus was exactly $118,000. You have to assume the writer knew of John Ramsey’s bonus. The odds of landing on that exact figure are astronomical. Who knew about the bonus? Certain people at his company would have known about all the bonuses. Beyond that, however, who would John Ramsey tell beyond his wife?

The letter says John Ramsey should get the money from the bank. It’s unusual for a ransom note to say where the money ought to come from – most kidnappers wouldn’t care. Also, why is the writer sure the Ramseys have that kind of dough sitting in their accounts? Even someone well-to-do would not necessarily have $118,000 readily available.

On a related point, the letter directs John Ramsey to go to the bank to obtain the ransom money, and even assures him he is being watched. John Ramsey didn’t go to the bank, though. He sent a friend. Why would he deviate from those clear instructions?

patsyIn fact, both John and Patsy Ramsey repeatedly ignored specific instructions in the ransom letter. For instance, the letter bluntly states JonBenét will be “beheaded” if the Ramseys alert the FBI or anyone else about the kidnapping. Patsy Ramsey, however, elected to call the police for assistance. This is understandable. Some people would take the risk, some would not. However, she also invited several friends and a minister to come to the house. Why would she take a risk like that? Why was she confident the kidnapper would not carry out the terrible threat in the letter?

The letter ostensibly threatens the father, yet the animosity is all directed toward the child, which seems entirely out-of-place. There are multiple threats to execute or behead the little girl, and a reference to JonBenét’s “remains”. Contrast this to the gentle advice “to be rested” given to John Ramsey.

Finally, Patsy Ramsey is notable for her absence in the ransom letter. The letter deals with the daughter, and is addressed to the father. The mother is never mentioned. Yet the writer’s linguistic patterns match those of Patsy Ramsey, and graphologists agree the letter was written by a woman.


It’s clear nobody broke into the Ramseys’ home on Christmas night to kill JonBenét, and there was never any kidnapping plot. The ransom letter was a hasty cover-up. In my opinion, the unsolved mystery isn’t who killed the little girl, but why Patsy Ramsey killed her daughter.

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  1. Patsy murdered her daughter in a fit of anger when she discovered that Her daughter had wet her bed. Patsy certainly wrote the ransom note. Similar writing was found on photos which Patsy denied and so did the father. I’ve watched the two investigation video of Patsy and John looking very unbelievable when confronted with these hand writing comparisons. Rot in hell Patsy, and you too some day John.

  2. I think Patsy Ramsey may have suffered from undiagnosed Multiple Personality Disorder. She seemed to have several different personalities. Sometimes she seemed like a very personable and polished person other times she was a rough and belligerent person. She was obviously a perfectionist and anything less than perfect might have driven her over the edge.

  3. The ransom note gives Patsy away. It was a pathetic attempt to divert attention. The crime scene was staged to make it look like a kidnapping gone bad. She wrote the ransom note and most likely killed JonBenét.

  4. Only a person involved in this murder or a complete dumb ass would post such a slanderous and false web page

  5. Every couple of years I would research the JonBenet case, the news has stuck with me since I was a child and the story broke around the world. I went back and forth, I didn’t believe the intruder theory, that left me to believe it was an inside job. The obvious person: Patsy. Possible: Burke. As convinced as I was at times, my gut feeling still told me I was wrong. After being on YouTube, and seeing a suggested video of JBR, I watched and started doing research again. I remember when John Mark Karr came forward with his confession, and I was convinced it was him, especially after seeing “Sketchman” it was hard for me to believe that he truly wasn’t the killer.

    After being intrigued by the case again, this time I decided to look deeper. Finally, certain pieces started lining up that had me looking at a suspect I never believed had anything to do with it. Linda Hoffman-Pugh always pointed me towards Patsy with her Swiss Army Knife comment, and how only Patsy would’ve known where it was after she took it off Burke. So I started researching further into her, and came across the fact she asked to borrow two thousand dollars from Patsy. She said in and interview Patsy said “sure” when honestly, Patsy declined. Then all the evidence started falling into place: the ransom note, written on notebook from the Ramsey’s home. The amount of ransom asked. Who would know it was the exact amount of Johns bonus? No forced entry.

    The fact that no matter which piece of evidence you choose to look at, it’s obvious, Jonbenet knew her killer.

    Countless proven psychics who all in one reading, couldn’t identify the killer, yet would provide gems of information that pieced together only leads to one person: Mervin Pugh. Who’s house was searched by the police, and turned over three rolls of black duct tape. JonBenet’s mouth was covered with a very rare type of black duct tape. He also turned over a notebook that came from the Ramsey’s house. Narrow rope, and curiously, a rope around a stick. Why no forced entry? Because him and his wife also turned over 2 spare keys to the Ramsey house. Speaking of the house, how could he have known about the hidden room to place Jonbenet’s body? Because Thanksgiving weekend 1996, he helped move artificial Christmas trees out of that very same room. The only alibi of where he was that night? His wife.

    One part still bothered me though, my gut instinct has always been that “Sketchman” was right on the money. Luckily because of that interview, when image searching on Google, his picture came up of what he looked like in August 1998. One year, and 8 months after her murder. Only a mustache, which at most, takes two weeks to grow to change your appearance is the ONLY difference. The sketch is a perfect match. Without a doubt in my mind, this is the man that killed Jonbenet. The Ramsey’s handyman. Familiar with the house, and inside information from his wife, the Ramsey’s housekeeper.

    Also, Lou Smit received a tip about Ariana Pugh, their daughter, who’s picture was found on a pornographic website. Many people described Mervin as a “molester” and “child abuser”

    • When I read Patsy’s transcribed interview with the police she said she had wrote a check (or was going to write a check) to Linda Pugh. She said she was loaning her $2000.00 for dental work for a family member. Why do you think Patsy declined?

    • This is plausible. The autopsy revealed she was sexually abused before the murder. It had to be someone with access to her before, someone she knew. If this is the case we are talking about a phsycopath couple, nothing new, but yet there are pieces that don’t fit. They new the Ramseys well. They knew they were very rich, why would they only ask for $118k. If they just wanted to abuse her again and things got creepier and they killed her, why bother writing a 3 page ransom letter with draft and everything???

      • $118,000 was the exact amount of John Ramsey ‘ s bonus that year. Only John and Patsy knew that!

  6. There was only a skiff of snow–not enough to leave footprints. I believe the child was killed accidently, but the Ramseys just couldn’t accept responsibility so staged it as a kidnapping. Patsy wrote the 118, 000 amount as a red herring to make it seem like someone from John’s work did it. But you still have to give a good deal of credibility to Lou Smits hypotheses that it was an intruder, maybe a pedophile who had been following the pageant circuit –observing her riding on floats in parades, etc. She had a great deal of exposure. Other stuff — there was NO “secret room” — it had a door on it and a doorknob. Also, to say the “intruder” didn’t enter through the basement window because it had a circular spider web on it–bullshit because a spider can build another one back in about 15 minutes if the original web is disturbed. Just stuff to think about…

  7. I there not a clause where a person can’t be summoned to testify against their partner if a crime has been committed ?

  8. one of the immediate family in the house did it, but i don’t know what the scenario was. the ransom note isn’t really even a ransom note; it is a blatant attempt to draw attention in the exact opposite direction of those who actually did it. the “details” of the supposed kidnapper(s) are simply not necessary, you don’t need to expose yourself and your organisation, you just want money. but, of course, we know that it was never about money, because the girl was already dead, and the “kidnapper” didn’t call. the note and its content is for no other reason than to force attention away from the family. when you see a letter like that you look in the exact opposite direction of where it’s pointing you. it was undoubtedly one of the family, but who did it and what happened i don’t know.

  9. Bunch of morons, if you do enough research and look at the evidence without already having made your minds up that the parents did it, then you will see who did it, the second man who was down in the basement doing these things to the child cannot be found. I think (I refuse to state it as a fact like so many of you are doing, and where is the bullshit coming from? Please state where the friends said Patsy used to tell Jon to ‘Grow a brain’ and all the other crap you’re writing) THAT the killer was downstairs while the ‘hanger on’ who ‘committed suicide’ (if you look into that you’ll see he didn’t, he was murdered :-o) was writing that rambling note. That family were put through hell and I cannot believe a huge proportion of the public still, after all this time, think they did it! Before assuming what happened go and read everything you can find about it and stop writing rubbish just because you want to think they did it. That poor father ended up broke in every way, people saying he molested his kid, patsy was jealous of her 5yr old daughter, gimme a break!!! Yes Boulder isn’t the haven they thought it was, there were so many pedophiles living around the area, actually the same as where I live in England! It’s common, they are everywhere. And let me tell you the foreign dna was found under her fingernails and in her knickers, both from the same male, they now have 8/12 of dna and it’s been put into CODIS, so how could it come from some clothes manufacturing place in India, that just proves the commenter hasn’t read that much. The footprints, the palm print on the cellar door etc all say NOBODY IN THE HOUSE committed this crime, phrrr over a wet bed STFU! And as for the spelling mistakes in the note all you have to do is read all the comments and you’ll see people misspelling easy words but can spell long words, same as I do, I still get muddled up spelling business (just had to correct it then). Ffs use that good common sense of yours and follow the evidence, all of it, all this talk of molestation makes me cringe, he loved his daughter, she loved her daughter, Burke loved his sister, they were a lovely family and had the most messed up time inc. BPD not searching the house, it had been searched but not thoroughly which is why jon and his friend where in the cellar! Now I’m done with this, if anyone else is going to post here please do your research and not stick so solidly to RDI bunch, they are cruel and sick. I even thought they killed their daughter until I read right into the case, like BPD making their minds up about the case and refusing to go back on it, withholding vital evidence back, blatantly making stories up the list goes on and on.

    • But, the autopsy and that hard evidence. True evidence, Not stuff I am making up, revealed she was sexually abused before the night of the murder. That’s evidence you can’t ignore, and have been ignore in this case. I am not saying she was sexually abused by his father or her brother. I am saying she was sexually abused by someone she knew. And the experts who review the autopsy said that it was cronic abuse. It had to be someone she knew. Who was the abuser and how come they didn’t follow up on that evidence, because the abuser, whoever he is, obviously should be the suspect of her murder.

  10. Patsy clearly wrote the note (on her own notepad,no less), but I don’t think she would cover for her husband murdering her daughter anymore than I think he’d cover for her. Who is the only person with access, opportunity and motive they WOULD cover for? Burke may have only been a few weeks shy of 10, but 10 year olds have committed terrible crimes. Remember the two 10 year olds who brutally murdered little Jamie Bulger in Liverpool a few years before this crime? And yes, Burke may have been slight for his age, but he was still far bigger and sturdier than his 45 pound sister who was nearly 4 years younger. People need to grow a brain. That “unidentified DNA” the authorities want us believe clears the Ramseys very likely came from some garment worker in Asia. And why do they want the world to believe the Ramseys didn’t do it? Because the cops and DA screwed up so badly they knew they’d never get a conviction. Better to blame it on a phantom intruder who somehow managed to accomplish all of these acts, including writing an elaborate letter, leaving only one little speck of DNA. It’s nonsensical.

    • Your entire comment was based upon the difficulty an intruder would face in a full and busy house on Christmas Eve. Family visiting, parents are up late assembling toys and putting gifts under the tree…..Jonbenet Ramsey was killed sometime after her family got home from a Christmas party 10pm. Her mother called 911 around 5:30am on December 26.

  11. it snowed very heavily the night before and there were no footprints leading to the house or away from the house. the Ramseys were never interested in her injuries or how she died. they refused to cooperate with the police. those are not the normal reactions of a parent whose daughter was found murdered in their house if it was my daughter I’d be at the police station every day trying to find out who did it and how she was killed they immediately got lawyers for both of them and refused to cooperate with the police not the normal reactions of parents. if you were going to kidnap somebody what would be the worst day of the year to kidnap them? Christmas Eve you have visitors staying over sleeping all in different areas of the house you have parents staying up late to get the presents under the tree you have children waking up early to open their packages Christmas Eve would be the worst day of the year to kidnap someone order break into somebody’s house.

  12. the only conclusive thing about this case is the child death , how sad ad how depressing , i hope the truth will reveal itself one day ….

  13. Sometimes escalation takes place very quick.
    The objecting victim and oneself’s wrongdoing is so much accusing by a surviving victom that it’s not bearable any longer by oneself or in public, so it has to be extinguished, to be quiet. Like a shaken babys death, or concentration camps and ghettos lead to extermination camps.

  14. Patsy murdered, upset by herself, John frightened of the consequences and both wrote and lived the story book.
    A father discovering his obviously dead daughter shouts and must turnes away, can’t bear the look and doesn’t carry her upstairs to present her as a proof its new to me as here it’s new to you, in the sense I don’t have anything to do with it.
    Patsy emphasizes: don’t know whether a he or she. Yes, because its both!
    New aspects of the ransom note:
    ▶ a corrected Freudian slip: the two gentlemen do (not) particularly! like you (well actually by truth I do, you are my husband).
    Lies have to be explicitly emphasized and extra mentioned:
    ▶ “at this time” she is save.
    ▶ two gentlemen: no female! and two other males, you John are excluded, cause you are addressed.
    ▶”we wished ourselves there should be the possibility to see her alive all coming year”
    ▶”we ourselves urgently wished her back even before 8hrs. if it would be possible (ridiculous, which is not because of no earlier bank opening I suppose)
    ▶since knowing she is dead, the only proper threat is left: no burial possible.
    ▶many times: she will die. To put responsibility maxifold into the protagonists of the story. Written by both, Patsy and John.

  15. The romance with Natalee Holloway’s mother was very short lived. John married a woman much younger than he, she is a a costume designer in Las Vegas

  16. I just found your page and totally agree. An intruder wouldn’t bring the notepad and do practice runs while in the home of their victim. I’m not sure and we may never know but I think Patsy accidentally killed JonBenet and, because of the image she needed to maintain, developed the bizarre intruder scenario. None of the note makes sense and is clearly written by someone who’s not thinking from the point of view of an actual intruder and killer.

  17. I think maybe patsy may have wrote it.if indeed she was jealous of the daughter but I really do not think the dad molested her in any way.its just not condusive to what his personality was and yes he was a rich businessman so anybody could’ve done this to him made him feel like he did something he really did not to achieve monetary gain.

  18. The word beheaded would never be used by the parents.The this was clearly the work of a pedaphile, serial killer. A Satanist would use the word beheaded, and being murdered on Christmas is a satanic ritual. God forgive for blaming the parents.

  19. An Intruder did NOT do this, NO evidence, unless it was an alien, come on, don’t be thick, the damn mother did it, she wrote the ridiculous rambling ransom note, had a very disturbed split personality, her behaviour screamed Guility, shall I go on, she snapped, JR covered up, CASE CLOSED. RIP Jonbenet not Patsy.

    • In the ransom note it also stated “Don’t attempt to grow a brain John.”

      Patsy’s friends stated they heard her say this to John Ramsey many times.

      SO frikkin obvious Patsy Ramseyvkilled JonBenet which is why Patsy is where she belongs now. In hell.

      • what about the DNA belonging to an unknown white male found on the little girls body?
        its possible it was a police official since they would NEVER be told to give samples of their own DNA. The ransom note is weird and I do not know about that but there WAS an intruder it was confirmed by DNA and scuff marks

    • Patsy Ramsey did it. Patsy had not gone to bed, like she claimed she did, on Christmas night. In fact, she was still in the same clothes, from the night before. Her make-up…hair,all the same, when the police first got there. Neither Patsy nor John made any gestures about the time. The time 8-10 am…when the instructions from kidnappers were to be called in, to them, about the money and instructions. So, 10:00 am comes and goes…nobody says shit! It was no phone call to come in, because…there were no kidnappers to call in. I would have been watching that clock, every second. I would have also called 911, but I would have told them about the instructions from the ‘kidnappers”…not to call the police.After all, John wasn’t even supposed to speak to a ‘stray dog”They break all the ‘rules”, that were given to them, by the alleged kidnappers. Patsy killed that child and tried covering it up, along with her husband. You don’t have to be a pro in handwriting, to see…she wrote that note. You just have to see the comparison.

  20. I don’t believe for a second Burke (the son) had anything to do with this. Those of you who think he did are disgusting. I believe the mother just snapped. Even the former house keeper said patsy had different personalities and even fought with Jonbenet the day before her death. Also, in an interview days after the murder patsy appeared very out of it and why didn’t the ransom note ever mention her but only John. Clearly we know who did it and they’ve already had to answer to god. If I was her I never would refer to my own daughter as “that child”

    • I also believe definitely that Patsy Ramsey did this and wrote the ransom note however this is my theory. I believe John Ramsey also had “dirty hands” and otherwise would not cover up for Patsy the way he did; helping her stage everything, etc. And after reading a certain book with somebody’s take on it a light switch went off. I had always believed John Ramsey high off drinks at an Xmas party in some way was in a compromising position on the bed in Jon Benet’s room with her; whether it was graphic rape or something Patsy perceived as such will never likely be known however I used to wonder why Patsy took it out initially on Jon Benet when she flipped out over finding this scene. SHE DID NOT AT FIRST. Note: Jon Benet being hit hard by a “blunt object” in the autopsy report. I definitely believe in the split second Patsy saw something she deemed inappropriate and probably was by John towards Jon Benet she grabbed something and threw it hard intending to hit her husband and instead hitting Jon Benet. Whether it killed Jon Benet or insured her to the point she was unconscious again will likely never be known; if the second it’s selfish of them both to not rush her to the hospital. This though is what happened; I see it clearly and everything else was staged and a cover up and besides this article there are so, so many likenesses to Patsy and the ransom note; some uncanny; she most definitely wrote it and in it YOU CAN TELL SHE IS ANGRY AT HER HUSBAND!! Neither had clean hands; that is almost a fact. Christine

      • It is definitely not a fact! John had nothing to do with it NOTHING!
        He had a young daughter who was previously killed in an accident who he loved very much and when she died it broke her heart. Jon Benet was a gift from god and probably helped to heal that void, so he would have done nothing to hurt her!!!!!!
        Now he is with the mother of Natalie Holloway she would never have started a relationship with him if she thought he had anything to do with it.

      • This kind of make more sense. I think after that they agree he would take her downstairs and make it appear as an intruder. He should know they would know by the autopsy that she was sexually abused before, since it was impossible her hymen would be intact after what he had done to her, so he decided to jabbed the brush into her genitals to disguise. In the meantime Patsy dedicated herself to the ransom letter. They stayed together, married for all these year after that, because they knew the life and future of each other depended on the other. Because they both knew. They were both part of it.

  21. I have read the Ramsey’s book, as well as the book that was written by.. I believe the head investigator? Something like that. All so interesting and very conflicting. There is far too much evidence to dismiss the parents’ having been involved. However did they not say that there was unidentifiable DNA discovered in/on Jon Benet? Any ideas there?

    • Hey Miya. Did you mean they DID find unidentifiable DNA? that was what I always thought. There are some terrible theories about what her parents might have had her involved in that other people have mentioned in the comments here. It seems so horrific and brutal, I have trouble believing it could be true. Here’s a link to an interesting website that would support that theory.
      I am still convinced that whatever else was going on, the mother certainly did it. And the father knew that.

  22. SBCT – Southern baptist church, Texas
    Who ever wrote this mentions using ‘use that good southern common sense if yours’ they are no longer friends with the church after this… i could be wrong though

    • Hey meegz, sorry I didn’t see your comment before. Is that where John Ramsey was from – Texas? or was he a southern baptist? I don’t know much about his life before this happened.

  23. Jeffrey Shapiro, who is a reporter that followed the JBR murder for 15 years, stated that Patsy heavily relied on a religious text that contained the number 118 to get her through her first bought of cancer.

    Here is an excerpt from an interview JR did in 2001:

    2000 March 28 – Larry King Live Interview with John and Patsy Ramsey

    Larry King: “Any thoughts as to why. I think you mentioned last night $118,000 — that’s the bonus you got for the year?”

    John Ramsey: “Well, it happened to be very close to my annual bonus that I’d received in February I think it was of ’96. I don’t know if that’s significant or not or, if that’s a clue. It means something to the killer, 118, $118,000 means something to the killer.”

  24. Very odd. If my kid were to come up missing , and i found a ransom note from ” The Kidnappers” Yes i would call and report it . But I Wouldnt just sit and wait . The first thing i’d do is go around looking for my daughter around the house. i’d be terrified. Where the father mest up is he went straight to where his dead daughters body was. Why couldnt he do that before when he first found the note ? & for the letter , either the mom or dad tryed way to hard to make the letter seem like its not them .

  25. Check this out – the FBI knows and so should you:
    The JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note Analysis: “Pastor” Bob Enyart’s ShadowGov = The “Small Foreign Faction” – w/ Notes by Dani Kekoa & Legend Detective Lou Smit

    “Few would disagree that the three-page ransom note is as important a piece of evidence as exists in this case. Anyone hoping to come up with a theory of who killed JonBenet Ramsey has to come to grips with the significance and meaning of this communication.” — FBI Criminal Profiler John Douglas, The Cases That Haunt Us

      • Well, it’s creepy that a pastor of the “Small Foreign Faction” murdered JonBenet…..

        The ransom note was signed “…Victory! S.B.T.C”

        *S.B.T.C = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* as a copy-cat of the BTK killer (Bind Torture Kill), since Bob Enyart was likely inspired by Dennis Rader. Bob also mentions specific strangeling methods similar to the JonBenet murder gathered from the book, ‘Mind Hunter’ by John Douglas (released Aug 1, 1996). What complete “Victory” for a monstrously contagious “Christian” underground network known as the ShadowGov to pull off the crime of the century while hiding in plain sight, visible online, preaching up at the pulpit & protesting in public against the “child-killers”? ShadowGov has the perfect profile pretending to be devout “pro-life” followers of Jesus Christ fighting for the fundamental God-given right to life, declaring Personhood of the innocent unborn children all across the USA while perpetrating the very crazy crimes they claim to condemn.

        ShadowGov is a group of impulsive, egotistical misogynistic individuals professing to be “Pro-life Christians,” but the truth should be known that they are really dangerous religious psychopath predators who have been operating this scam in secret for nearly two decades because they are above suspicion. The Ultimate “Victory” for them is getting away with sacrificing the life of an innocent female child in the midnight hour on the night of Christ, the Savior’s birth, Dec 25th. This was also a political statement in protest of the Boulder Police department for letting abortionist, Dr. Warren Hern get away with “child-killing” at his clinic. Consider the extreme level of hypocrisy from the “pro-life” pastor, Bob Enyart’s violent criminal history of harassment and “Cruelty Towards a Child” convictions already on his record. And when you combine the long criminal history of the ShadowGov homicidal individuals who were already at odds with the system, this places them as key suspects right at the scene of the crime.]

        *In the end, S.B.T.C = Shadowgov Breaks The Case!

    • Really stupid theory. The most rational, logical answer based on the known facts is usually the right one. Next you’ll claim aliens from outer space did it.

  26. Everyone in this case failed to do their job. It’s obvious the Murderer was someone living in that house, whether it be the Family, Maids, but it isn’t a complete stranger because they would have left hair fibers, fingerprints, some wheres they would have screwed up. I believe the Mother did it, but I question if John knew or not. The handwriting in the letter looks similar to the mothers and I believe someone said she could write both right and left handed. The Christmas bonus is a dead giveaway, that she mentioned the exact amount in his Christmas Bonus.

  27. No doubt Patsy wrote the letter. However – there is also no doubt that John Ramsey knew she wrote the letter… & knew his daughter was dead in the wine cellar before the police arrived. For one of the parents to have killed their daughter the other parent had to also be involved. Patsy had the potential motive that she was jealous of her daughter because her husband was obsessively molesting her. But Patsy seemed complicit in this ongoing sexual abuse so no reason to think tonight of all nights she couldn’t take it any more. My theory is that they hosted a party (“individuals”, “small foreign faction” & perhaps these were some of the same people they invited back over the next day). – It was Christmas night & they are fixtures in their community – of course they had guests — I believe they had some creepy adult friends over who were into using Jon Benet as child bondage sex entertainment. John learned how to do the particular type of bondage Jon Benet was found in in the military. Also – thats why the DNA found did not match John, there were multiple adults present. The strangulation killed Jon Benet — likely on accident — and the blow to the head was done to make it look like an intentional murderous crime. More than likely one of the adult men present was somebody top ranking in the Boulder police — and this is why the investigation was obstructed so much from within.

    • bud i read that whole thing the da was john ramsys freind the police was only a small partof the huge problem coruption in boulder another day in boulder john was diddling jb but he goes churching alot know probably hunter some judges hal haddon susan stien were all there.boulder is a devilish place

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