My Crush on Michael Landon Intensifies!

I’ve tried to get over it, but this strange attraction to Michael Landon has only grown stronger.

Previously I blamed it on insomnia, the Hallmark Channel’s relentless Little House on the Prairie marathons (next one is this Saturday, starting at 10am), and contaminated water, but I’m putting the crutches down. It’s not the Hallmark Channel,  nor the insomnia. The contaminated water might be an issue, but I just think Michael Landon is hot, that’s all.

I can’t fight it anymore

Anyway, far from seeking help, I’ve decided to just give in to the Landon love-fest, and that decision is what led me to a momentous discovery on YouTube. Are you ready for this? Michael Landon cut an album! For real: in 1960, Michael Landon recorded his own doo-wop album.

His singing voice is kind of Elvisish… so much so that you wonder if it’s really him, but then at the end, the music stops and he says something in his regular speaking voice. And at that moment, you know you’ve just been serenaded by Pa Ingalls.

Look, doo-wop is not really my kind of thing… except when Michael Landon is singing! Check it out —- you know you’re dying to!


11 thoughts on “My Crush on Michael Landon Intensifies!

  1. Oh my goodness!! When I was a very little girl, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. I wanted to be Laura because Michael Landon would be my “Pa”. My obsession went the whole nine yards … prairie dresses, bonnets, carrying my lunch to preschool in a tin pail and a log cabin playhouse where I slept, every night, for several years. One summer, my parents decided it would be a good idea to take me to Laura’s adult home in Missouri. While at the house, on the wall, I saw a photo of Pa Ingalls. Not Michael Landon. But, the real Pa Ingalls. He scared me to death!! If Michael Landon wasn’t my ‘Pa’, I no longer wanted to be Laura!! He was the sexiest man ever to live.

    • You inspired me to check out the original Charles Ingalls – whoa!! He’s sure no Michael Landon, is he? But then the real Charles might be more handsome than this picture makes him look. The Victorians didn’t smile much for photos and that can make them look a little scary.

      • We may need a support group but the support would be for us as it’s too late for Pa by over 150 years. I especially like it when Pa gets a bit violent and “tussles” like he did with the wicked replacement schoolteacher and Olga’s father.

        Pa is all man.

      • Although I love Pa Ingalls – there is a limit. I then (in my fantasy life) got married briefly to Joseph Gordon-Levitt but his “Hey Jude” performance (available on YouTube) put paid to that. Yuck! Plus I am pretty sure he was cheating on me with Scar-Jo. Tsk.

        Currently (again in my fantasy life) I am married to Morten Harket of A-Ha. But I must say I am getting bored of his pontificating too. These stars really think they are more clever than us re politics!

        Although he does croon to me in his Scandinavian hot tub. Whilst I feast on fermented herrings – or ligonberry pancakes.

        I may divorce him soon.

        Back to Pa Igalls? And his wood chopping n tussles?

  2. Really, really hot is right. You know he’s still listed on “sexiest men” lists now and then, right? Even after having been gone all these years. And you know he’s second only to Lucille Ball in having most consectutive hours on film? The man had “it.” And if you think he’s hot as Pa Ingalls, girl, get yourself over to youtube and find yourself a Bonanza episode where he played the drop-dead sultry and gorgeous Little Joe Cartwright. (I recommend an ep like ‘Truckee Strip’ for starters.)
    As for his singing voice…have you heard his version of ‘Shenandoah’? So sweetly husky. My favorite of all his songs. I’d be happy to share it with another Michael Landon fan.

    • I would love to hear Shenandoah! I didn’t even know he sang till I came across the video I posted here. I’m so excited to hear from somebody else who recognizes Michael Landon’s mojo!

      • Oh, there’s a ton of us out here, believe me.

        I have Shenandoah on cd, but not sure how to get it to you. But here it is on youtube, with some lovely Michael Landon-as-Joe Cartwright pics and clips. Like I said, if you think he’s hot as Pa Ingalls, just wait until you’ve seen him as Little Joe…

  3. It was a 45 rpm record and I still have mine. Flip side is “Be Patient With Me.” He also released “Linda is Lonesome” and a couple others. You Tube has him singing “Dear Heart” and another song but I can’t recall the name. I also saw him on several musical specials with Mitzi Gaynor, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and others during the 60s.

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