Harry Reid, the Fed’s Stooge

Senator Harry Reid’s refusal to allow a vote on Audit the Fed is causing attention the crusty Nevadan would like to avoid.

The Fed can be explained in three sentences.

1) The US government entrusts all our tax dollars to the Federal Reserve.

2) The Federal Reserve is a private bank, not a government entity.

3) As a private bank, the Fed is not obligated to tell us what they do with the trillions of tax dollars collected from you and I each year.

The financial Frankenstein was established by the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, signed by President Woodrow Wilson. Its purpose was to:

  1. Ensuring stable prices
  2. Regulating banks, and limits stock market risk
  3. Providing financial services to the US and foreign governments
  4. Operating government payments, e.g., Social Security, Medicare

Since its inception, the value of the dollar has depreciated 96%, according to the government’s own analysis:

The Federal Reserve’s Devastating Impact on the Dollar

There’s nothing Constitutional about the Fed. The organization has single-handedly brought the value of the U.S. dollar down to a tiny fraction of what it had been when they were given custody of the nation’s wealth.

Congress has been besieged by demands on all sides to audit the Fed. From OWS protesters to Austrian economics professors, calls for dismantling the Fed continue to grow. In response to the outcry, Congress asked Ben Bernanke, the Fed’s chairman, to review the bank’s records. And Bernanke, a private citizen entrusted with trillions of public dollars, simply refused. He would not answer questions about how it was spent, who it had been given to, and what foreign countries and leaders are in receipt of your tax money.

Rep. Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill will give us those long-overdue answers, while marking the beginning of the end of the Fed’s reign of theft. In July, Paul’s Audit the Fed bill passed the House with strong bipartisan support! Everyone from Lynn Woolsey (the most liberal representative in the House) to Joe Wilson (the most conservative) expressed their full support and voted YES on the bill.  The next step is to pass the Senate, and 21 Senators have already promised their support.    

Yet Harry Reid, Senate majority leader and former advocate for a full audit of the Fed,  refuses to allow a vote. Our country is hurtling down the road to bankruptcy, and Reid prevents an open debate.   

Click here to watch Reid demanding a full audit of the Federal Reserve in 1995.

Suddenly, he’s against it. Why? My guess is Ben Bernanke lined his pockets, and voila! Harry Reid, Professional Stooge and American Traitor was born.

Reid is frightened the bill will pass, and if it does, any bribes he took to cover for the Bernanke and the Fed will surely come to light too. That may be why, when he was recently asked to support the bill, Reid said he would “have to talk the idea over” with Ben Bernanke. We all know how that will go. Reid and Bernanke have a lot to lose, and it’s doubtful that either wants to go to federal prison for the remainder of his life.  

Bernanke is a thief and a traitor. Reid is a stooge and a traitor. But that bill must and will pass. That means other Senators and Representatives will have to push Reid hard. It may take awhile, but he will cave. 

Here’s how you can help:

Go to auditthefed.com and plug in your state and zip code. A page will appear displaying your Senators and Representative, along with their contact info, and whether they voted or plan to vote for Audit the Fed.

Thank those who supported or promised to support the bill. Those Representatives who voted against it need to be put on notice. They can’t expect to be reelected if they don’t represent the people’s wishes.

Tell the Senators who have not yet committed their support that you expect them to do so. Let them know their vote will  be remembered, come next election. Call them, fax them, email them! If you’re unsure about what to say, the people at auditthefed.com have you covered with sample letters you can copy and  paste. They work for us, not the other way around.


4 thoughts on “Harry Reid, the Fed’s Stooge

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  2. AN OPEN LETTER TO HARRY !! Dear Harry. At this point I feel that your filibuster vote is what you deserve. I really hope that the Republicans FILIBUSTER 100% of every meaningful legislation that is brought to the Senate. YES 100%. That way the right wing stations and moderators will blame you for the stalemate that we will see in the Senate. They will wipe up the airwaves with the do nothing Democratic Senate and you will be the laughing stock of the Senate. You deserve it… you caved… or did the lobbyists grease your palm. YES, MY HOPE IS THAT NOTHING GETS DONE IN THE SENATE so you can understand what you did. The senate will probably get an approval rating of 5% and its all your fault.

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