Rocky Anderson in a Nutshell

As I explained in my 3rd Party Project entry, I’m sharing a summary of what I think the key policies are for each third party candidate. In the interest of fairness, I haven’t added additional context to the candidates’ positions. Still, this summary probably leaves a lot to be desired, so if you are interested in what you see, I encourage you to visit the candidate’s site at

The Justice Party ticket: Rocky Anderson; Luis Rodriguez

Rocky Anderson, Justice Party

Summary of Rocky Anderson – On the Issues


  • Ban the death penalty
  • End indefinite detention of foreign and U.S. citizens
  • End sanctions against Iran
  • Close down all overseas military bases that are not critical to our security
  • Close Guantanamo Bay
  • Lead reduction of nuclear arms for the UN
  • Nuke-free Middle East
  • Withdraw support regimes that abuse human rights and suppress democracy
  • End torture immediately
  • Eliminate militarism and empire-building
  • Support an immediate end to all hostilities between Israel and Palestine


  • End federal agencies’ right to spy on US citizens without a warrant
  • End warrantless searches
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Legalize industrial hemp
  • Replicate a successful healthcare model that cuts our expenses and expands access.


  • Enhance union protection
  • Strengthen labor laws
  • Raise minimum wage to $10/hour
  • Promote fair trade.


  • Oppose retroactive immunity for individuals or companies that violated federal law.
  • Reduce Pentagon budget by 50%
  • Support progressive taxation
  • Tax incentives for local manufacturers


  • Make integration of illegals a priority
  • Streamline immigration processes
  • Put illegals on a path to citizenship


  • Ensure fracking poses no threat to groundwater quality.
  • Support Low-Carbon Sustainable energy
  • Sound investment in global initiatives to prevent waterborne disease and provide water for crops.
  • Protect and recharge our nation’s aquifers
  • Use technology to lessen the nutrient discharge from wastewater treatment plants
  • Mitigate global climatic change that will affect water quality and quantity
  • Review and update the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System

To learn more about Rocky and the Justice Party, visit

Next up: Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party!


4 thoughts on “Rocky Anderson in a Nutshell

  1. Rocky Anderson is my choice. When he left office after two terms in Salt Lake City, he even left behind a budget surplus!!!~ So much for the presupposition he would be a big spender:-)

    • Glad to hear you’re voting third party!
      It’s interesting to hear from someone who has seen Rocky Anderson’s policies in action. I didn’t know much about him until I started researching to write this blog, and I like a lot of what he says about supporting fair trade, building our infrastructure, outlawing government spying, and ending the wars. He sounds like a thoughtful leader with solid ideas.
      I’m voting for Gary Johnson this election, and he shares a lot of these ideas. I wish Rocky the best of luck!

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