Gary Johnson in a Nutshell

As I explained in my 3rd Party Project entry, I’m sharing a summary of what I think the key policies are for each third party candidate. In the interest of fairness, I haven’t added additional context to the candidates’ positions. Still, this summary probably leaves a lot to be desired, so if you are interested in what you see, I encourage you to visit the candidate’s site at

Libertarian Party Ticket: Gary Johnson/Jim Gray

Summary of Gary Johnson – On the Issues


  • End American military activities in Afghanistan
  • Reevaluate all American foreign deployments
  • End torture
  • Unjustly incarcerated individuals should have the ability to seek compensation through the courts
  • All prisoners have a right to due process


  • Ease work visa requirements
  • Establish a 2-year grace period for illegals to obtain work visas
  • Streamline the legal immigration process


  • Keep the Internet censor-free and affordable
  • Stop government subsidies to Internet service providers
  • Oppose Net Neutrality
  • Oppose Internet tax
  • Scrap all Internet kill switch


  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act
  • Allow states to innovate with Medicare and Medicaid
  • Repeal Medicare Part D


  • Repeal the Patriot Act
  • End TSA pat-downs and body scans for all but high-risk individuals
  • Legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana
  • Support marriage equality
  • Conserve the second amendment rights guaranteed to all Americans
  • Insist on a basic cost-benefit analysis for all environmental regulations


  • Cut trillions from federal spending via a Balanced Budget
  • Put a stop to stimulus, unnecessary subsidies, and earmarks
  • Identify and implement common-sense cost savings to reform entitlements
  • Reject auto, banking, and state bailouts
  • End corporate welfare and cap-and-trade
  • End government support of Fannie and Freddie.


  • Give school choice power to parents
  • End the Department of Education
  • Empower states to expand successful reforms such as vouchers and charter schools.


  • Audit the Fed
  • Abolish the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Enact the Fair Tax to tax expenditures, rather than income

Want to know more about Gary Johnson? Visit his site at


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