Joe Biden’s High IQ

I really like Joe Biden. He is sincere and honest, qualities that are very nearly extinct in Washington, DC. The fact that the Ministry of Truth is constantly deriding him (Washington Post even has a Gaffe-o-Meter) makes me like him even more.

For all that, I could never vote for Joseph Robinette Biden (seriously, that’s his middle name). He’s at odds with every single Libertarian sensibility I have. To put it simply, Joe Biden likes Big Government. He doesn’t think the massive government we have today is big enough. It’s his fatal flaw.

I’ll be interested to see how he and Paul Ryan do in tonight’s debate —  I’ve never heard Ryan speak, and given Biden’s record, I don’t know what to expect from him. I was checking out some old YouTube videos and came across a really startling video of Joe Biden from 1988. He lets a reporter have it, and cites his high IQ. I’m willing to give Joe the benefit of the doubt and assume the reporter was a jerk, but no matter what you think, it’s worth a watch.


One thought on “Joe Biden’s High IQ

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