Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) Courting the Termite Vote for 2014

The Daily Tar Heel covers news, sports, and issues that impact the great state of North Carolina. Senator Kay Hagan was the subject of a good article published last week. She is apparently using her website to post a petition asking the NC General Assembly to restore money cut from the educational budget last year.

Why, you might ask, would Kay Hagan suddenly devote her time and energy to being a high-profile supporter of an already popular cause… in the state government, where she has no role? Is she unaware that there are a few small issues in the US Congress to address?  No budget, the flawed launch of the health exchanges, or even the government shutdown? I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact she is an unpopular candidate running for reelection and wants to be at the forefront of a feel-good cause. Let’s hope it takes more than the 30-second effort Hagan was willing to expend posting a website petition to get any North Carolina voters to take her seriously.

Available to make terrible decisions on your behalf

Available to make terrible decisions on your behalf


The trouble with Sen. Hagan is that she doesn’t just ignore her constituents’ wishes. Kay Hagan distinguishes herself by actively working and voting against North Carolinian’s best interests. For instance, she’s spent significant amounts of time, energy, and political capital to prevent Americans from auditing the Federal Reserve. Most NC voters want an audit, yet Hagan voted against it. Who and what this private bank funds with our tax dollars is information you don’t need to know, according to Hagan.

Go big business!

Yay! I helped big business at the expense of the people I work for!

In 2010, during the battle royale over healthcare reform, the polls showed the majority of NC did not support it. But Hagan wanted it (not for herself, of course) and she voted for it. “We know what you need better than you do” seems to be the typical Congressional mindset these days. In this case, there’s already significant data to prove that false. Per Forbes magazine last week, individual rates for NC women will triple in January. NC men’s rates will quadruple. Hopefully North Carolinians will connect their skyrocketing healthcare insurance costs with Hagan’s vote, come November 2014. She isn’t the most corrupt person in Congress but she’s the one I dislike most since she seems to derive real satisfaction from voting contrary to her constituents’ wishes. Hagan is a foot soldier, mindlessly doing the bidding of Big Business and her party. There are plenty like her on both sides of the aisle, unfortunately. But mindless doesn’t equal harmless: look at termites.

I have one vote, and it can go to any Democrat, Republican, Communist, or Tea Party candidate who can ensure Kay Hagan is not returned to office. I would like to see her replacement be someone who is intelligent, responsible, and public-service oriented. Even if we get someone with just one of those qualities, it’s still a trade up.

termites for Hagan

“On behalf of the termite community, I want to say Kay Hagan is one of us.”


2 thoughts on “Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) Courting the Termite Vote for 2014

  1. So is a politicians job just to vote according to polling of their constituents? If so, should all our politicians be voting for gun control and higher taxes on the rich? Should the GOP resign en masse given that the public has the lowest opinion of them since Gallup starting asking how much people like or dislike the two parties?

    • A politician should have the backbone to stand on their own when they need to. BUT – Kay Hagan isn’t standing on her own, she’s doing what she’s told. Her lack of judgement and her willingness to be a puppet for big business and the DNC have had a negative impact on North Carolina and the rest of the country. Her insistence on exempting the Fed from following any laws around transparency and disclosure speak volumes about who’s running Kay Hagan.

      To your other points –
      1) The public supports background checks. Not gun control, in the Dianne Feinstein sense of the term.
      2) Most of us would be satisfied if the rich just paid the taxes they owe, sans loopholes, off-shore bank accounts, etc.
      3) I’m a firm supporter of requiring everyone in Congress to resign, as proof of patriotism. The Congressional Republicans and Democrats have jointly achieved the worst rating of any Congress in history, with single-digit approval numbers. I also strongly support term limits to prevent a future repeat of our current state of affairs.

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