Republicans Heart Obamacare

The GOP has not gotten good publicity in recent years. This is partly because they operate under a siege mentality, and are frosty and suspicious with the press. The media repays them by endlessly publicizing their stupider remarks. Plus, every time you hear about the Republicans, it’s in connection to government shutdowns or backing terrible candidates like McCain or Romney. 

I don't really appeal to anyone.

I don’t really appeal to anyone.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have Bill Clinton’s legendary charisma, which is probably enough to make a success of the whole party with literally nothing else going for them. Even aside from Bill, the Democratic party’s got game. They’re much better than Republicans at packaging their message, and working with celebrities, and they go to immense lengths to cultivate the media’s friendship. All that pays off with favorable press.


Public image is a real problem for the Republicans, who seem unaware of how deeply unpopular they’ve become during the Obama years. Collectively, they come off looking like a cranky grandfather, who spent forty years building a solid business from scratch, and is now entitled to be critical and stubborn. 



Meanwhile, the Democrats are like the infinitely-cool older brother who is away at college and probably at a keg party as we speak. 



Americans have been put off by the GOP’s negativity. As a whole, the people prefer hope, change, and beer summits to warnings, filibustering, and John Boehner. 

More than anything else, it’s the Republicans’ unwavering opposition to the Affordable Care Act that has defined them in recent years. In August, the Republican-majority House exasperated Americans when they voted for the 40th time to defund Obamacare, as if there is any hope of getting the Democratic-led Senate or Barack Obama to agree to it.  

All this leads up to the current rhetoric from the Democrats that the GOP is a dying party, run by ideologues, usually represented by Ted Cruz. “If I didn’t care so much about our country,” Harry Reid said. “I would hope [Ted Cruz] would get the Republican nomination for president, because that would mean the end of the Republican Party.”

Not so fast.


See President Barack Obama’s tanking poll numbers? They reflect the growing disapproval of Obamacare.

Skyrocketing premiums have taken people by surprise. Nationwide, premiums for young women have increased 57% on average, and 98% for young men. The rate hikes in North Carolina are the highest in the country. Individual policies for women will triple, according to Forbes, while rates for men quadruple.



Worst of all, millions of Americans have received letters from their insurers, informing them their coverage is going away, due to the Affordable Care Act regulations. The problem for Obama is that he promised, over and over, this wouldn’t happen.

Now Democratic strategists are saying, “Well… he could have made a more nuanced, accurate statement.” That puts the image question in a different light. Americans like how positive the Democrats are, but we don’t want to be lied to.

The ACA is going to cost the Democrats dearly. Ironically, the Republicans’ steadfast negativity toward Obamacare could be their ticket to a Senate majority in 2014.    

Republicans' new slogan

Republicans’ new motto



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