Much too much: Sesame Street bans the Wicked Witch of the West

Did you know Margaret Hamilton, aka the Wicked Witch of the West, once appeared on Sesame Street? The Wicked Witch, of course, was introduced to the world in the WIzard of Oz (1939), and continues to be one of most famous villains of all time.

The premise of the episode was that the Wicked Witch was flying over Sesame Street, and dropped her broom. She comes down to retrieve it, and finds she can’t get it back until she reforms her wicked ways. Meanwhile, Oscar the Grouch develops a crush on her.


The episode aired in February 1976… and never played again.

Sesame Street producers were deluged with angry letters from parents telling of screaming, frightened children. The public reaction was so negative that the producers decided Sesame Street episode 0847, “the Margaret Hamilton episode”, should never be shown again. 

You won’t find the banned episode on the Internet, but here’s a great clip from The Wizard of Oz:



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