Kay Hagan: Rat Leaving Obamacare’s Sinking Ship

There is an ominous scene in the movie Titanic where the captain calmly looks over several iceberg warnings, sips his tea, then tells his protesting crew to step on it. It’s a lot like how the Democrats are unsuccessfully pleading with President Obama to delay the mandate or allow the insurance companies to maintain the policies people already had. Except in this case, the RMS Obamacare has already hit a giant iceberg called reality, and the captain is nearly the last one to know.


The general panic erupting on board the ship can be divided into three groups:

  1. Reasonably worried
  2. Refusal to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation
  3. Outright delusional, like Debbie “Obamacare will help Democrats get reelected” Wasserman-Schultz.

Then there are rats. Rats infest ships, living off food and supplies aboard the vessel. They are also the first living creatures to sense when a ship is sinking. Often before the crew is aware there’s a problem, the rats’ survival instinct has caused them to flee en masse to seek safety elsewhere. In this case, the rats sense the Obamacare ship is going down, and they’re putting as much distance between themselves and the failed law as they can.

Let’s examine one rat in particular: Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina.

Hagan was a vocal supporter of Obamacare. Her job, however, is to represent North Carolinians, where state polls showed strong opposition to the law. Hagan acted against her constituents’ wishes by helping to ram the bill through Congress. She then rejected a 2010 proposal to allow people to keep their existing insurance that didn’t meet ACA standards.

We’re one month into the rollout, and Hagan is on the first lifeboat off the sinking ship, riding shotgun with Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, and a handful of other Democrats who regret voting for the bill. This week Hagan announced she’s seeking an inquiry into the botched website rollout (because this will demonstrate she is a good public servant?) and she’s asked the President to please support the proposal she rejected three years ago, so she can get reelected.

sayonara suckers!

sayonara suckers!

Obamacare was a poorly-designed ship on a misguided course. But at least Obama has the decency to go down with his ship. Have to wonder what he’s thinking, as he watches Kay Hagan and the other rats who have been riding on his ship for years disappearing into the night.


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