Nancy Pelosi clarifies: It’s the War on Stupid Women

The War on Women messaging really bugs me. It’s such elementary, over-the-top propaganda that I always turn on the Democrat spewing it, rather than the Republican it’s aimed at. Do they really think women are that dumb?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m fully aware of the flaws of the Republican party. Yet, on the other hand, they aren’t treating me like a drooling imbecile, so that’s one up on the Democrats.

Thought not included since no politician has told me what to think yet.

Thought not included since no one has told me what to think yet.

Paraphrased, the War on Women message is: “You women better back Democrats and our agenda. If you do, you can have your birth control and almost equal pay. If you don’t, Republicans will show up – probably with guns – to make sure you clean the house all day and that your sexist husband beats you every evening. The Republicans will only give you one holiday from this routine every nine months, specifically to give birth, but we Democrats will throw in an extra holiday every election day, so you can vote for us!” Mmm-mmm. You sure know how to win a girl over!

Check out this video of Nancy Pelosi, in which she first suggests that women are too dim to realize an election is happening (probably because we’re unlikely to know how to read the news), then follows it up by saying that only with Democrats ruling the roost, can we expect the world as we know it to continue. Spoiler alert: She doesn’t answer the question of why a world filled with such ignorant women should continue to exist.


Well, fiddle-dee-dee. I may not see the logic of why I have to rely on the Democrats or Republicans to defend my liberty, but that’s probably because, being a woman, I’m better suited for vacuuming than thinking. Thanks for explaining it to me, Nancy Pelosi!


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