New York Times Admits a Faint Possibility Hagan will Lose

Conservatives say the media is skewed to the left, ignoring Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Liberals retort that Fox News is the journalistic equivalent of Anthrax, ignoring everyone except Fox News. And the truth is – media outlets like MSNBC and Breitbart are tabloids, while Fox News, Washington Post, and New York Times are a little more credible but still propaganda outlets that ignore this and withhold that. But higher standards are hard to find, so let’s examine this remarkable story from a Democratic propaganda outlet that wants the Democrats to win really, really badly.

The odds given to Democrats by the New York Times are so unrealistic that I typically have to verify every time that they are, indeed, talking about the 2014 midterms. Since that appears to be the case, the only remaining conclusion is that the New York Times has hired Pollyanna to write their articles.

"If Congress has an 11% approval rating, that must mean that the other 89% of people adore them!"

“If 11% of people approve of Congress, it can only mean the other 89% ADORE them!”

So imagine my surprise when their latest post gave Kay Hagan just a 70% chance to win. 70% still sounds Pollyannaish to me, but to the New York Times, this is dystopia. They are about as likely to accept a probable Kay Hagan loss as the Pilgrims were to embrace the Anna Nicole Smith show. (I had a hard time coming up with something less likely.)

Oct 29

Side note: If I were in Kay Hagan’s shoes, I would probably avoid doing interviews if I was not allowed to a) choose the questions and b) extract a promise from reporters to not call me out on my obvious lies.

I always feel embarrassed when I see her trying to evade questions – and she is so unprepared that it’s like she had no idea the reporter was going to ask if she regrets parroting Obama’s false, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it”, or skipping security briefings to go to fundraisers for herself, or funneling $400,000 taxpayer dollars to her husband and son.


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