Kay Hagan’s Theatre of Lies: Enter at your own risk

Election day is nearly here, and North Carolinians have a chance to unload the worst Senator in memory. Doesn’t Hagan know it? Check out the relative spending on this race:

Hagan race commercia

Race spending

In honor of the election, this virtual theatre is playing dozens of Kay Hagan lies!

For those of you interested in psychology, check out Hagan’s “tell” – the audio cue she uses whenever she lies –  which is, “You know, I THINK…”


Skipping Security Briefings to Fundraise for Herself

Here her opponent Thom Tillis corners her on skipping half of the Armed Services committee meetings, though he bungles the name. I urge you not to get hung up on the Andrew Jackson hairstyle that Kay Hagan is rocking. It’s unimportant when compared to Hagan blowing off security meetings.


It's almost eerie, isn't it?

It’s almost eerie, isn’t it?

Here she admits skipping a classified security briefing to go to a fundraiser for herself…


Here she cannot or will not say how many security briefings she has missed….


Besides putting the nation at risk to benefit herself, Hagan’s habit of skipping meetings exposes her as a hypocrite. Gwen Ifill  calls her on it here and if you keep listening, you can hear her throwing the president under the bus:

Hagan says, “I certainly wish that we could have disclosed where people — uh… ” I’m guessing she stopped because she realized she could do that right now, but has chosen not to because it’s better for her to stay quiet.


When DID she know she was lying to North Carolina to get Obamacare passed?

Here she is, literally running away from her own press conference, after being asked about when she knew her oft-repeated “if you like your doctor, you can keep him” lie was untrue…


Here she refuses to apologize for lying to her constituents…


Even RACHEL MADDOW is questioning her

Her record is so bad, she skipped the last debate with Tillis as a calculated risk. She would have definitely been asked about the stimulus she voted for – and from which she received $400,000 in taxpayer dollars. Here, even uber-liberal Rachel Maddow calls her on it:



And what does Kay Hagan have to say to all of this?

“You know, I THINK —”

Let’s stop there, Kay. No, you don’t.

It's almost eerie, isn't it?

I don’t know why you’re so hung up on this. Lots of people want to look like Andrew Jackson.


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