Three Picks for Hillary’s Running Mate

Sorry, Democrats. Bernie Sanders is not gonna win. As much as people like him and he seems like a good guy, his ideas are just too far out there. He isn’t electable.

Which means Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Today, the former Secretary of State landed 13 endorsements from women senators today. Maybe they all just happen to think Hillary’s the best person for the job. Let’s hope they aren’t voting for her just because she’s female. Because, seriously. Has anyone else noticed how fixated Hillary has become on her gender as her defining characteristic? Obviously a female president would be a novelty, but what is the big deal?

To Secretary Clinton, it is definitely a big deal. In the first debate, she actually said being a woman is the biggest difference between her approach to policy and Obama’s. If you are hanging your head in shame and wondering why Hillary feels the need to say such insipid things on behalf of women everywhere, I hear you. But instead of picking apart the ways Mrs. Clinton’s womanhood will impact her approach to policy (will she bedazzle the Oval Office?), let’s focus on something less embarrassing like who her running mate might be.

oval office

Let’s start with who it won’t be. There is no way she’ll ask Bernie Sanders to be on her ticket… and he probably wouldn’t accept if she did. On the other hand, Martin O’Malley might be a possibility since he’s shown up well in the primaries and hasn’t attacked her much.

However, my initial thought was that it would probably be Julian Castro. He’s considered an up-and-coming star in the Democratic party, and he’s young. Clinton definitely wants to motivate younger voters and she knows she’s going to need outside help for that. Castro would be a good pick in that sense, but risky in another since he has been in politics for awhile, and may have secrets that could come out and ruin everything, à la John Edwards.


Well, hello, Madame President...

Well, hello, Madame President… allow me to charm you!

Though it might jostle her ego a little, her heavy emphasis on womanhood seems to make it likely that she would pick another woman to be on the ticket. They can go down in history with Thelma & Louise, Lucy & Ethel, and Laverne & Shirley. Hill would love to have Elizabeth Warren on the ticket, and I bet that would be her top pick for VP. However, Warren is actually withholding her endorsement for the time being – probably hoping against hope Bernie makes it. There seems to be no love lost there, so who knows? Warren might endorse a write-in candidate over Hillary.

Come on, Elizabeth! We're like peanut butter and jelly!

Come on, Elizabeth! We’re like peanut butter and jelly!

I could also see her picking a relative newcomer to the political scene, like Loretta Lynch. One of Clinton’s biggest weaknesses is a paper and scandal trail going back several decades. Lynch was Obama’s pick to lead the Department of Justice, post-Eric Holder, so she is probably ideologically aligned with Hillary. Having someone on the ticket with no political past, so to speak, would be an appealing advantage for Clinton.

Never heard the word impossible!

Never heard the word impossible!





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