Politically Correct Millennials Seek Speech to Police

Each generation, has a pandemic – like AIDS and the Spanish flu – that claims countless victims before it is stopped by a coalition of committed doctors, researchers, and legislators.

Where do I sign up to help stamp out the Political Correctness afflicting so many Millennials?

The symptoms of the scourge are unmistakeable. The onset is identifiable by acute groupthink and aversion to any unsanctioned idea. Next, speech is affected, and the afflicted can no longer speak normally human for fear of “triggering” someone or creating an “unsafe environment”. The final stages of the disease are marked by increasing aggression.

Of course not. Now please take a tranquilizer.

Of course not. Take a tranquilizer.


These incidents on campus seemed to follow a defined escalation path:

  1. An incoherent verbal assault takes place, during which the afflicted Millennial is likely to rail against “fascism”
  2. A protest forms to ensure students “feel heard”
  3. Aggrieved Millennials march and camp out on the university grounds, playing Bob Marley songs on a loop, and live-Tweeting
  4. A list of nonsensical demands is produced, such as requiring the university to apologize for the hurt they inflicted by not publicly supporting the historically underrepresented transgender community

Unlike activism focused on galvanizing change, afflicted Millennials are narcissistically focused on Self: their own unique racial and gender identities, how they choose to express those identities, and their overwhelming need for attention.

Nicholas and Erika Christakis have seen the ugly side of political correctness.


Take a look into the faces of insensitivity

Take a look into the faces of insensitivity

In October, Yale students received a warning from the Intercultural Affairs Committee. A name like “Intercultural Affairs Committee” is a warning on its own, but there was also a request(?) to wear culturally sensitive Halloween costumes.

Some students complained to Erika Christakis, the Associate Master at Yale’s Silliman College, that the infected Millennials were attempting to dictate to them.

Christakis, whose background is early childhood education, seemed to be the ideal person to talk to the afflicted Millennials. She wrote a very mild response asking, “Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious, a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?”

Oh my heavens. The answer, Christakis learned, is No. These creepy Millennials have a voracious appetite for policing speech and ideas, and they love to confront micro-aggressions, wherever they imagine them to be. But Christakis and her husband Nicholas, the Master at Silliman College, were harassed in a way that was anything but imaginary.

This video captures Nicholas Christakis, as he was aggressively confronted and surrounded by a group of complaining Millennials. The professor attempted to explain his wife was talking about free speech. Watch an unhinged, shrieking Millennial confronts him:

After this video went viral, Erika Christakis resigned. Nicholas took a one-semester sabbatical. I’m sure they’re both reconsidering their careers and personal philosophies.

It looks like Yale ignored the obvious instability of the girl and allowed two good professors to be sacrificed. So let’s do a short vocabulary lesson, in their honor:

Fascism is a dictatorial system that forcibly suppresses opposition and criticism, regiments industry and commerce, and controls all communication.


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