Primary Candidate Analysis: Ben Carson

I was listening to the pundits talk about how the South Carolina primaries are everything and nothing, a mandate to the candidates, a rebuke to the Administration. It’s the rise of the left wing according to some commentators, and the rise of the right wing to others. (If the right wing and the left wing are rising, that tells me the news media is high.)

There is something to like in some of the candidates, something to hate in all of them, and something to fear in all of them. And to some degree, no matter who wins, it says something about the country.

Here they are (in alphabetical order, lest anyone suspect me of unfair bias).

Ben Carson


  • What is there to love? Oh, he’s so nice. So genuinely nice. And brilliant.
  • What is there to hate? How slowly he speaks. I can literally feel myself aging. Also, he believes everyone else is so genuinely nice. For a world leader to be so willing to take people at their word, and be a good Christian, is a fatal flaw.
  • What is there to fear? I think I would prefer the country went on auto-pilot to a Carson administration. It would just be too painful to watch.
    [President Carson (addressing nation): Good evening, America. I called this press conference to let you know we’ve buried the hatchet with North Korea. It turns out, Kim Jong Un isn’t a bad guy at all. He is just misquoted a lot. The Korean phrase for “we’ll nuke you off the map” is surprisingly close to “we wish we had a more pleasant, neighborly relationship.” To show my deep appreciation, I’ve removed all sanctions, and given him a few military secrets as a show of solidarity.”
  • What does it mean if he wins? It’s a rebuke to career politicians. And a sharp one, at that.

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