Primary Candidate Analysis: Hillary Clinton

Part 4/7 of this series on the primary candidates

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

  • What is there to love respect? Hillary Clinton is not lovable. But there are things you can respect about her… though I want to be clear that Hillary herself is not a respectable person. But she’s intelligent and bold, she has more experience in different roles within the federal government – particularly foreign policy – than anyone else running.
  • What is there to hate? Hillary lies all the time. About everything. If she says, “It’s sunny outside”, remember to carry an umbrella. She’s arrogant, especially toward her own supporters. She feels entitled to their support and has a general aura of “I’ve got it coming to me” that is pretty unappealing. Worst of all, she plays the gender card like nobody’s business. It’s embarrassing that she and some of her supporters behave as if being female is somehow more than an attribute… like it’s a special qualification or something.
  • What is there to fear? She’s a polarizing, unyielding figure who switches political values to suit the times. Taken with her general dishonesty, it seems just as likely that she is a hardline right-winger as a hardline left-winger (current incarnation). All we can know for sure about her is that she will serve her own interest and to the greatest degree possible, silence opposition. She dissociates herself from past positions that are no longer in vogue, as well as the mistakes she’s made.
  • What does it mean if she wins? It means America is a deeply polarized country and more people prefer the status quo left to the status quo right, and are afraid of real change in the form of Cruz, Trump, or Sanders.



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