Primary Candidate Analysis: Ted Cruz

Part 7/7 of this series on the primary candidates

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

  • What is there to love respect? If you map out Ted Cruz’s ideology, it mirrors Hillary Clinton’s perfectly. He’s her counterpart on the right. Both of them would detest that characterization, but it’s true. Cruz is also very intelligent and has a sharp understanding of the problems confronting the country. Cruz is the best debater in the race, in either party. Unlike Hillary, he has a very consistent record.
  • What is there to hate? Ted Cruz is no more likable than Hillary. The difference between Cruz and Clinton is that Cruz is deliberately unlikeable because he thinks it sets him apart and gives him some sort of distinction. He also tends to scold the public, and lecture to his opponents in a really annoying way that I suspect is hypocritical. He doesn’t share Hillary’s overwhelming sense of entitlement though.
  • What is there to fear? Cruz would certainly not compromise any more than Hillary would. Consensus is not his thing. You can’t have the president throwing the verbal and policy equivalent of Molotov cocktails at Congress all the time.
  • What does it mean if he wins? It means America is a deeply polarized country and more people prefer the right to the left. It is also a reaction to much of the legislation and change that have taken place in the last eight years (e.g., gay marriage). 

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