25 February Republican Debate —- Quick reaction

Just a quick reaction to the GOP debate

winners: Trump, Rubio, Kasich

losers: Cruz, Carson, CNN

Trump dominated tonight’s debate with a few insults and more policy specifics than we’ve previously seen. Rubio’s rhetoric went over well but he was clearly embarrassed by Trump’s characterization of him as someone who “chokes”. Kasich scored some points by pointing out that President Obama has not been able to broker effective deals with Congress.

Ted Cruz has been a disappointed man. He could have been more gracious and made a comeback. But with his back against the wall, he’s showing an ugly side. Ben Carson got the short end of the stick again. Look CNN, if you aren’t interested in what he has to say and you won’t ask him questions, just don’t invite him. If you are inviting him, be fair to him at least. CNN anchors appeared biased and foolish, which did nothing for their efforts to look less biased and foolish. Also, the backdrop for the entire debate was a modern art depiction of a hot dog.


Rubio Trump

Rubio and Trump in front of the hot dog motif décor


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