The Establishment is Cheating Sanders out of the Nomination

Is Bernie Sanders the Democratic voters’ choice? It’s looking more and more like that might be the case. At minimum, he is tied with Hillary Clinton.


Yet, barring an Act of God, Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee. But how can that be?

The short answer is the Democratic party elites and the media already chose their candidate, even though it means disenfranchising millions of Democratic voters. Democratic Party chair (and long-time Clinton supporter) Debbie Wasserman Schultz was confronted about this. Here she is with an attempted justification:

Forcing a candidate on the public isn’t that hard. The Democratic Party simply came up with the superdelegate system, which is a squirrelly way of ensuring a tiny minority of people outweigh the votes of millions of Democrats.

There are 712 Democratic superdelegates who are just your average former and current U.S. presidents, senators, governors, and the like. They differ from you and me only in that they have more power than the combined total of every voting Democrat in the North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, Virginia, and Georgia primaries (approximately 3 million people, per 2012 primary voter turnout data). Put another way:

1 superdelegate vote = 4,073 Democratic votes

The Democratic Establishment claims superdelegates like Senator Harry Reid, Governor Jerry Brown, and Al Gore are totally representative of the average Democrat. And no one knows how superdelegate Bill Clinton will vote. Check out how the superdelegates have voted so far in 2016:


Current delegate/superdelegate count

                                           Current delegate/superdelegate count, courtesy RealClearPolitics

Even with 20% of the Democratic vote being given to Hillary Clinton, media support is crucial. The media employs a blackout strategy for candidates who are deemed to be a threat to the Establishment (see Dr. Ron Paul). Basically, they just refuse to cover the Wrong Candidate. No stories, no photos, no analysis. The implication is that the candidate is so insignificant, such a long-shot, that there is no reason to even acknowledge his existence. And of course, there’s a Speak No Evil policy toward the Chosen Candidate, who is represented as the inevitable winner. The inevitability is powerful in squashing the Wrong Candidate’s supporters. “Why bother voting? I’m busy and Clinton’s going to win, no matter what.”

Case in point: Bernie won 2 of the 3 state primaries yesterday, yet there are no Sanders headlines or photos on the Washington Post site. Here’s the lead story:

Where is Sanders?

                                                                      Where is Bernie Sanders?


The other major story about yesterday’s primaries was titled “Candidates speak after Super Saturday contests”. Note the accompanying photographs and the order in which they are arranged. Yet Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders won two states apiece yesterday, while Hillary Clinton won one. Why is Hillary depicted as leading the winners? And isn’t it significant that Sanders isn’t pictured at all?

Winner Bernie Sanders not pictured

                                                      Why is Hillary pictured, and not Bernie Sanders?



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