Hillary Clinton’s Steal of the Day!

The Democrats bank on people not being interested enough to bother finding out how Clinton could be winning by such a large margin.


Mar 8 delegate count

Mar 8 delegate count


But ask yourself: How could Hillary Clinton possibly be beating Bernie Sanders by 648 delegates (27% of what is needed to secure the nomination) when he is pulling off a number of upsets and is virtually tying with her elsewhere?

The answer:

superdelegates - cartoon by Steve Sack, of Minneapolis Star Tribune

superdelegates – cartoon by Steve Sack, of Minneapolis Star Tribune

If the Democrats still had ordinary delegates, like the Republicans and every other political party do, Hillary would be ahead by 203 delegates, which seems far more realistic. But thanks to the misnamed Democratic National Committee (DNC), the party started using superdelegates in 1982. Superdelegates are an unbelievably corrupt way of ensuring power stays with a tiny minority.

I’m stunned the Democrats have the nerve to hit Republicans on the issue of concentrated power with a system like theirs. I mean, they are 100% right that the Republicans do keep power with the 1%. No question. But it isn’t even in the same league as what the Democrats do with their superdelegates.


Bernie wins Michigan in a huge upset

Bernie wins Michigan in a huge upset

Congratulations to Bernie tonight on his Michigan primary win!

Do you find yourself wondering how the media got it so wrong for the millionth time this election? They had Clinton in the lead by 21 points. Yet Bernie beat her by over 25,000 votes. That’s a pretty big miss.

I hope interest in superdelegates will grow when people begin to ask themselves how Sanders could pull off an upset like this in Michigan and have Clinton even further ahead tomorrow morning. Yes, I know she won Mississippi. But you watch: Hillary will tie with Bernie – or get within a hair’s breadth – once the superdelegate votes are included. She might even pass him, since no one seems to be asking questions about the massive voter disenfranchisement the Democrats are pulling off in plain sight.

Will those chickens come home to roost, do you think?


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