What is it the Establishment Fears From Donald Trump?

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why is Donald Trump so frightening to the Republican and Democratic Establishments? What could he possibly do if he’s elected that warrants the near-hysteria that surrounds him?

With the White House in reach, the GOP is ready to throw away the presidency and Congress, rather than support the billionaire. It seems clear that if Trump walks into the convention with the majority of delegates and votes and anyone else walks out as the nominee, the GOP has committed suicide before our eyes. What is the Republican Establishment ready to do, to prevent Trump from being their nominee? Read on:

  • Mitt Romney emerged from wherever he’s been since 2012 to urge the Establishment to work towards a brokered convention.
  • Marco Rubio asked his followers in Ohio to vote for John Kasich to help stop Trump. Has that ever happened before?
  • National Review devoted an entire issue to how horrible the mogul is.
  • The media is obsessed with him – over 96% of all Republican coverage during the past 30 days is about Trump.
  • According to the polls, citizens of the U.S. evaluate Trump slightly more negatively than the other candidates:

U.S. sentiment about 2016 candidates

You would think the Democrats would be hugging themselves with delight over such a state of affairs. According to them and to the mainstream media, Trump could never win the general election. So why don’t they want him to be the nominee? But interestingly, the Democrats are taking extraordinary steps to stop Trump’s nomination.

For instance, last night’s disturbance that shut down Trump’s event in Chicago was orchestrated by the Democratic Establishment. Before the candidate arrived, a mob showed up to “shut it down”.  Thanks to the near-riot conditions, the rally was postponed. Trump sent a statement to his supporters to leave peacefully. The mob celebrated wildly, screaming, “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” and “We stopped Trump!” See video, courtesy of a group called Occupy Democrats.

It’s not clear whether the ‘protesters’ were Bernie Sanders supporters, jackals paid off by moveon.org, or related to some other group, but it was definitely the Establishment. Is there any plausible scenario in which these kids were not incited to riot. Could they possibly have spontaneously coordinated a sophisticated operation only to disrupt the Trump supporters’ freedom to assemble and freedom of speech?

They may have been told – and may believe – the ‘protest’ was their idea, but many of the kids who were interviewed didn’t even know what/who the rally was for. An even larger number couldn’t name a single Trump policy or position on the issues. So if they were protesting, it was a protest that Trump doesn’t share their viewpoint.

The Millennials are really alarming in this respect. They seem unable to cope with someone not accepting their worldview and usually resort to shouting down opposing viewpoints, as they did yesterday. They don’t have the world experience yet to realize how counter-productive something like their protest is. The majority of voters may not like Trump, but they like mobs who try to silence others even less. This helps Trump, it doesn’t hurt him.

Trump coverage more than all other candidates combined

Trump coverage more than all other candidates combined

This might be a time when anyone not as extreme as the moveon.org could reasonably step up and condemn the mob. Nope! In yet another clear signal this was planned at a much higher level than a group of college students, the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates immediately released statements condemning Trump, and blaming him for the mob. I know politicians are allergic to personal accountability, but they are always among the first to demand it of others.


And even while I’m writing about what happened last night, these ‘protesters’ have struck again, this time in Kansas City. Tonight, a man rushed the stage while Trump was speaking. Headline on Vox? Donald Trump’s Ideology of Violence.

So what does all this mean? What fear is stalking the increasingly desperate left and the right so much that they are uniting to stop Trump? For all that we hear he can’t be allowed to get the nomination, we have yet to learn why.






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