The Media’s Big Scoop: Hillary may be Unethical

There have been times, believe it or not, when I have been accused of being too hard on the media and the Democrats. I’m hard on the Republicans too, but no one cares about them.

I admit that I view the media and politicians as bumbling, exasperating, and ultimately dangerous threats to the Republic. Americans have installed both the politicians and the media as safeguards for our Constitutional liberties. In terms of a hiring decision, it rates somwhere between employing an army of Golden Retrievers to guard a collection of Faberge eggs and that time we got scammed into a discounted 3-hour tour with Gilligan.

Take the latest twist in the Hillary Clinton scandal du jour. This email scandal has been going on forever but if you are unfamiliar, here’s a summary of the whole scandal in 63-words. This week, the Inspector General released a long-awaited report, restating what everyone has known for months: Hillary’s arrangement was unsanctioned and unnecessary, and her recklessness put U.S. security at risk.

Who would have seen this coming?

Who would have seen this coming?

Hillary supporters have their own reasons for supporting her. Perhaps they are feminists who feel their candidate has paid her dues and is entitled to the presidency, that she has the best resume, the best gender, that her agenda is similar to theirs, or maybe they are just anti-Trump or anti-Sanders. But whatever their reasons are, none of them seem to labor under delusions that Mrs. Clinton is an ethical, truthful public servant.



That is why the media’s genuine shock and indignation in response to the Inspector General’s report is so funny. The contents of the report, mind you, have been a foregone conclusion to everyone (including the Clinton campaign) since last fall. And it’s such a classic HRC story — the special, secret accommodations; the sense of entitlement; the unbelievably poor judgement — that it never occurred to me that someone would have to sit down and spell it out for the media.

Photo by Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File/Associated Press

Photo by Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File/Associated Press

Anyone with much familiarity with Hillary Clinton could easily predict her response: double-down on the discredited story and refuse to cooperate. Yet apparently, the lack of integrity on the former Secretary of State’s part is an ongoing shock to the media. Each day exposes some new evidence of Clinton’s duplicity, and they are collectively flabbergasted.

Every cable news network is having some version of this conversation:

Pundit 1: “It’s — it’s almost as if (voice lowers to whisper) she feels entitled to do whatever she wants.”

Pundit 2: “I’m just going to come out and say something Shocking. Ready? Hillary Clinton is acting as if she’s somehow above the law!”

Pundit 3: “I’ll go a step further. I think – and I can’t believe these words are about to come out of my mouth – But I think she is deliberately lying for political gain!”

Pundit 1: “I am as shocked by this demonstration of arrogance as anyone else. Who would have ever imagined us sitting here speculating on Hillary Clinton’s truthfulness? With her sterling reputation!”

Pundit 2: (faintly) “I am hyperventilating. Can someone pass me a paper bag and draw a parallel between Donald Trump and Hitler before I pass out?”


Initially, I admit I shrugged at the story. I do think putting the country at risk to hide the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation is very serious, and there is no doubt that anyone else would be facing decades in a federal prison for such an offense. It’s just that, in the context of the many Clinton Scandals, this one is hardly earth-shattering. Scandal is the natural habitat of a Clinton, much as water is to fish, and they flourish in it. Moreover, Obama will do all he can to protect Hillary from indictment, and if she is indicted, the president will surely pardon her, as one last gift to the American people. In other words, no consequences. So my opinion of Hillary is not changed.

Look I don't want to.get Vince Fostered. Just pardon her, okay?

Look I don’t want to get Vince Fostered. Just pardon her, okay?

My perspective on the media, on the other hand, has really shifted. I always assumed that they are unethically attempting to steer the public ever leftward, but I never dreamed they were that poorly-informed. I must say, I like them more than I ever have while respecting them less than ever.


2 thoughts on “The Media’s Big Scoop: Hillary may be Unethical

  1. I’m not high on Clinton, especially with this email scandal. This shows to me her lack of judgement and foresight that any good president needs. It’s like she hasn’t learned from the mistakes made by herself or husband. As a very liberal, leaning voter, it is sad to me my only choices were Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party nomination. I’m not happy and satisfied in anyway. However, a world with Trump as my commander-in-chief would be even worse. Even my backward butt neighbor has taken his Trump sticker off his vehicle (even if this sticker was taken off by someone else, he hasn’t replaced it) which is saying a lot to me.
    Our political union is in a sad state of affairs and I honestly do not know what can be done to fix it. This self-caused email scandal doesn’t give me any faith that Hillary will be the best president for our time. She still has a lot of work to convince me she deserves my vote come November.

    • I am intrigued, Walker! As someone who describes himself as very liberal and to the left, it seems like Bernie would be your candidate. To your larger point, you are in good company. I think most voters feel they are being presented with an unacceptable choice and will eventually either stay home or cast a vote against one of the candidates.
      It seems strange to me that with two candidates with such high unfavorability ratings, no strong third party challenge emerged. It’s probably too late now, but if it was ever going to happen, it would be this year.

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