Congratulations, Madame Corruption

Six hours ago, the Associated Press called the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton. Not only did the AP call the nomination without Clinton having the necessary pledged delegates to win, but they rushed to send it out tonight. Not content with this coup, the story also leaked that President Barack Obama will officially endorse her tomorrow. Why was it necessary to call it tonight instead of say, tomorrow night after 694 new delegates are awarded?

Let’s see, what could have happened today that rendered it absolutely imperative AP call the nomination for Clinton?

  • She didn’t win a primary on June 6 that put her over the top
  • She still hasn’t been cleared of wrong-doing in the FBI investigation
  • Bernie Sanders wasn’t caught selling U.S. secrets to North Korea


So, why did this need to be done tonight? 

The reason, of course, is that Clinton needed to get the election called for her before the California primary, because there’s a very good chance Sanders will actually win it (though this evening’s hijinx will shift that result to some degree). It appears only officially calling the race before the votes are cast can save the situation. Stay home, Bernie Bros: Hillary is inevitable. Your presumptive Democratic nominee insists you pay no attention to those results, for the race is hers.

In terms of numbers, it doesn’t matter. California’s delegates are awarded proportionally and Mrs. Clinton would surely gain enough delegates to maintain her comfortable lead. Symbolically, it matters enormously. Clinton repeatedly called the election for herself, and the superdelegates promised her the nomination before the primaries even began.

Yet Bernie Sanders supporters refused to accept what the DNC was force feeding them and persisted in voting for their guy. This shows a deadly lack of unity. Zero confidence in HRC. An unwillingness to accept her. The loss of the most progressive state in the union would be devastating to her campaign.


CA Polls June 6

There must be a lot of fear in the Democratic camp. Look what they’ve risked to push Clinton forward:

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC, unblushingly explained superdelegates exist to ensure establishment candidates like Clinton win, despite threats from grassroots populists like Sanders
  • Then there was the Nevada Democratic caucus, which was nothing short of embarrassing
  • And Heaven knows how much it cost them in political favors and cash to persuade AP to jeopardize their own reputation by coronating Hillary Clinton early


The truth is, Bernie got cheated every which way and nothing will happen to Hillary Clinton because of it.

HRC tweet

“Check’s in the mail – thanks guys!”

Genuine condolences to Sanders and his supporters. I disagree with him on most things, but he’s an honest candidate. I hope Sanders supporters still vote tomorrow, as a statement. But the question is: what will they do in the fall? Clinton has seized the nomination, but can she count on their support?





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