Media Malignancy: The Why of It


Had you asked me last year, I would have said, “Tell the media to relax. Nobody’s going to do anything to them.” They were tolerated for the service they once provided – exposing corruption, holding leaders accountable, and shouting the truth from the rooftops.

They’re obviously not capable of heroics anymore (if indeed they ever were). Well, unless you look at an organization like WikiLeaks, which is punk rock.

keep calm

Sometime after the glory days ended, the media gave up any attempt at a legitimate profession and devoted themselves to being the best bootlicks they could be for any elected politician, provided the politician is a Democrat. Amusingly, they tell anyone who will listen that they are Independents. Independents who vote a straight Democratic ticket, regardless of candidate or issue, and would never consider voting for an Independent candidate.

Sample media name badge and/or bumper sticker

Sample media name badge?


As parasites, the media was tolerable, as malignancy, it is not. I doubt they started off with ill intent. It was a combination of forces, the stars aligned, and Ka-Boom!

I really don’t want to credit Donald Trump for an unrelated phenomenon, as everyone in the world is doing. But it does link to him, and to Hillary Clinton.

It's me again!

It’s me again!

Mrs. Clinton is said to have laughed with delight when she heard Trump was in the race. “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he became the nominee, and I could run against him?” At some point, the cackling ceased. There may have been a period during which Hillary was still confident she could beat him, but then she became fearful, and that was the first step in what would become media malignancy.

With the media standing at attention and ready to take orders, Hillary ordered an avalanche of negative publicity to bury Trump. The media obligingly leaked poison into our national discourse, while at the same time being so star-struck by Trump that it was embarrassing to watch. They couldn’t look away. And Trump is like a mutant creature in that he feeds on negative energy. Obviously, showering him with abuse was the equivalent of a spa day for the Donald.

What to do? All the power the media could muster in the form of newspapers, online venues, cable news, and even the radio could not hurt Trump, any more than it could make Hillary appealing.


This was the moment when the media became a malignant force.

They turned on the public. The media can attack the politicians all day long – and will probably have to, given how ineffective they are.

But the citizens are quite different. In the next post, we’ll talk about why.


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