A Tale of Two Conventions: the Democratic convention as told by the conservative and liberal media

The only thing liberals and conservatives have in common is that they believe people who don’t share their beliefs are smug, dim-witted, and destructive. The root cause of this aggression lies not with the public but the media, and its affliction with groupthink. The media accepts either conservative or liberal thought wholesale. They may be different, but like those suffering from swine flu and avian flu, they are difficult to tell apart.

Conservatives and liberals inevitably quarrel because they read different facts about the same events. Like the media, I use the word facts loosely. The unprincipled press creates narratives by focusing on some points, omitting others, and always escalating the rhetoric.


Nobody expects reporters to be neutral but they could report as though they are. They don’t, though and this leaves the public in a pickle. For instance, your opinion of the Democratic convention probably depends on where you got your information.

Here’s the general gist, by the neocon and leftist press, respectively:

After days of protests in the streets, the Democratic convention is over and Hillary Clinton became the party’s nominee, achieving a goal she has pursued relentlessly throughout her long political career.

Even before the convention began, the atmosphere was ominously charged. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ spotty tenure over the Democratic party ended abruptly the day before, after hacked emails proved the chorus of accusations the chairwoman denied for months. The DNC had certainly conspired to ensure Clinton was their nominee in a nefarious fashion: uncovered messages exposed a narrative invented to discredit Bernie Sanders by framing him as an atheist. Sanders and his angry supporters have accused the DNC for months of tampering with the vote, and forced Wasserman Schultz’ resignation. 


Immediately after  the resignation, the Clinton campaign announced the disgraced former chair is now joining her team, officially. It’s questionable timing for cronyism: Clinton enjoys record high levels of public distrust and her troubled campaign has been dogged with ethics scandals, and multiple FBI and congressional investigations


On the first day, prominent Democrat Nancy Pelosi was booed at breakfast. “Some people don’t understand how things work,” a disgusted Pelosi said. Later, aides watched nervously as speaker and speaker was drowned out by Bernie Sanders protesters’ screaming and chanting. Speakers included an illegal immigrant and numerous celebrities, one of whom shouted at protesters: “You’re being ridiculous!”

Even Sanders made a half-hearted case for the woman he recently said could not be trusted. 


By the time Clinton took the stage, the staff and audience were exhausted. Though she spoke energetically on themes that have defined her campaign, protests continued.

After Clinton’s address ended and the balloons had fallen, the candidate was spirited away from Philadelphia and the convention was closed.

Would you recognize the convention the liberals describe?

It was a tired, happy crowd that left the Democratic convention. Hillary Clinton whose impressive resume includes titles such as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State accepted the historic nomination at the close of the convention.

Outside, smiling supporters chattered excitedly, and the atmosphere was one of hope and light. It was in every way unlike the Republican convention the week before, an event which had pulsed with negativity and anger.

It's me again!

The Democratic convention, which boasted a glittering roster filled with all-star speakers and performers, went a long way toward restoring unity to a Democratic party that had seemed fractured the week before. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Hillary and the first President Clinton, dazzled the crowd with touching memories that created a more 3-dimensional portrait of Hillary Clinton.

It’s important for voters to see Hillary Clinton as more than ethics and intellect,” a Democratic advisor explained. “She’s also heart; she’s accessible.”

One unexpectedly touching address came from the father of a U.S. soldier who was killed in the line of action. With his wife at his side, he spoke eloquently, moving the crowd to tears. 

Unlike the dark Republican convention, the DNC stage was occupied by speakers from all walks of life. Unsurprisingly, the crowd was delighted with a line-up that included luminaries like Senator Bernie Sanders, First Lady Michelle Obama, and progressive favorite Senator Elizabeth Warren. The crowd cheered excitedly after President Obama summarized Hillary Clinton’s long list of qualifications. As he symbolically passed the torch to the former Secretary, the president avowed: “There has never been a more qualified nominee.”


When Hillary Clinton ascended the stage, resplendent in white, to accept her historic nomination,  the smiling Democratic nominee waved at supporters. Her inspirational address rang with confidence and optimism, a marked contrast to her Republican rival.

To lusty cheers of “HILLARY! HILLARY!”, Clinton cried: “America never stopped being great!” 



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