‘Twas the Night Before the Election…

It is hard to believe that tomorrow marks the end of Election 2016.

I ought to have something insightful to say, but it’s no use. I can’t think about what America discovered about herself, bewail the vanishing civility in our political discourse, or speculate about the uppers Clinton and Trump are probably addicted to. Nor can I ponder the issues, since thanks to the media’s coverage, only two conclusions have been reached: “Trump is an Evil Cheeto!” and “Hillary is Masterminding the End of Days with her Private Server”. No, all the ridiculousness this year acted on my brain like Novocaine.

Donald Trump: say what you want, I don't use "common sense"!

Here are the five possible outcomes of tomorrow’s election, ranked in order of preference (As a disclaimer, I voted mostly against Hillary, and slightly for Trump):

  1. Trump wins –
    • Drawbacks: unrefined, occasionally embarrassing, loose cannon in some situations, narcissism and grudges might cause poor decisions. Somehow manages to keep feuding with Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, et al. Violent reaction from Clinton supporters
    • Positives: he isn’t Hillary Clinton, would do the right thing on free trade, limit warmongering and interventionism, appoint strict constructionists to the Supreme Court. If he would really impose term limits on Congress, I would establish a Trump Appreciation Society.
  2. Johnson wins –
    • Drawbacks: Wouldn’t change much, unelectable
    • Positives: Not corrupt compared to the main party candidates, champion of civil liberties, wouldn’t make things worse, he isn’t Hillary Clinton
  3. Stein wins
    • Drawbacks: would raise taxes to pay for questionable environmental initiatives, unelectable
    • Positives: wouldn’t go looking for a nuke fight or have secret dealings with Wall Street. Better environment. She isn’t Hillary Clinton.
  4. Obama signs an executive order, declaring himself Emperor for Life
    • Drawbacks: would continue to inflict moderate damage on the U.S., at a moderate speed.
    • Positives: he isn’t Hillary Clinton (despite her claims to the contrary)
  5. Hillary Clinton wins
    • Drawbacks: Is Hillary Clinton. Represents a massive threat to the U.S. on immigration, interventionism, and globalism. Has threatened military action against Russia numerous times and during her tenure as Sec of State, our relationship with the Russians dramatically declined. There are others, but those are the big ones. No way of knowing what she truly believes/her private position. As a clue to those of us who feel deep concern, Obama has rejected her advice on multiple occasions as being too aggressive, by her own admission. Violent reaction from Trump and Sanders supporters
    • Positives: May succeed in uniting the country, albeit against her

Meh, I don’t think things will play out in that order. Here’s are the two scenarios that look probable:


  1. Clinton wins (most likely): probably with some kind of hijinx involved, whether she needs help or not. Endless self-congratulation and references to being the first woman president, and remarkably few references to be the first presidential candidate under multiple felony investigations by Congress and the FBI. Hillary will sign TPP promptly and unapologetically. Large increase in refugees and loosening of immigration laws. She’ll shamelessly disregard whatever deal she made with Bernie, to his amazement and no one else’s surprise.
    Trump calls the election rigged and is so caught up in the injury to himself that he abandons the working class who have put all their hope in him to help them. Politicians who have been startled and a little frightened at the public’s anger will relax and go back to business as usual.
  2. Trump wins (less likely): After multiple self-aggrandizing speeches, Trump actually does renegotiate NAFTA and he will avoid a nuke war with Russia. However, he won’t deliver on many of his campaign promises (though lots of people think that is a good thing).
    Hillary Clinton gives an embittered concession speech, and begins new Clinton Foundation enterprise that primarily manufactures life sized Donald Trump voodoo dolls. Nothing else happens with her because Trump is obviously not really interested in putting Hillary in prison.

    Option: Obama may sign the Emperor for Life executive order, regardless of whether Donald or Hillary (or both) declare themselves the next president.


I wanted to talk about favorite storylines of the election too, but I’m going to do a separate post on that later. For tonight, I’ll just say that the most unbelievable one is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are allies with great respect and liking for each other:

Note the body language of both Clinton and Obama

Observe the liking and respect in their body language? 


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