Out of Election Anesthesia – the Candidates

I have been moderately checked out of politics for 10 days. This election hit America like a MACK truck, and I have been mentally hospitalized and under twilight anesthesia ever since. I’m slowly rejoining the rest of my fellow earthlings, and sorting out my political opinions. For that reason, this post is bound to look sloppy and disconnected but until I get some Vicodin, nothing better is to be expected of me.

Did Donald Trump win or did Hillary Clinton lose?

Hillary Clinton lost.

Donald Trump hit home with a lot of people on different issues but still Hillary Clinton would have won, because she was the status quo and people typically choose the safest option. But she was not charismatic, and worse, she had no message, save “Donald Trump is really bad” and “I’ll be a lackluster version of the Obama administration”.


Also, I’ll go out on a limb and say the near-constant emphasis on her gender disgusted many people who were not on the fence. In the United States, we believe in equality. So if you are the best person for the job and you are a woman, great. But being a woman is not a reason to vote for Hillary. Obviously, Hillary was of a different opinion, as she focused on her gender more and more.  At one of her rallies, Mrs. Clinton trotted out Madeline Albright, who told the crowd there was a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for Hillary. I guess I’ll be seeing many other sensible women there.

I don’t think rumors about her health or the FBI investigations really made much of a difference.

Very curious to know what, if anything, Hillary is going to do now.

Who voted for Donald Trump?

You look at who voted for Donald Trump, and you are probably seeing a new alignment in American politics. Republicans have had a bad reputation for a long time as corporate sympathizers and war hawks.Republicans own Trump, a fact they have only recently (as in the past 10 days) learned to accept and love. But the new leader of the party is certainly not a war hawk, and certainly some high profile war hawk Republicans publicly refused to support him or made a point out of casting their vote for Hillary.

However, since FDR, the country has been under the impression that the Democrats were the friends of the working man. That impression has been dissipating since the 1980s, but this election wiped away any remaining traces of this belief. The Democratic candidate was as oily and corporate as it is possible to be, she was fiercely pro-Free Trade, and she was openly planning the most aggressive foreign policy in U.S. history. It was as though Clinton had consciously decided to take on all the aspects that Republicans had cast off as making them too much of a pariah. And as a result, she resoundingly lost the Rust Belt for the first time in two generations, which is earth shattering.


Trump made a point of reaching out to Rust Belt voters, to black voters, to union voters, and to inner-city voters. Political strategists on both sides of the aisle laughed at him wasting his time in Michigan, talking about Ford Motor Company, and the problems in inner-city Detroit. But Trump went anyway, and narrowly won the state. It’s been suggested that Hillary Clinton did not go to Michigan until the very end of the campaign because she was afraid it would make her look weak with voters that she should not have had to work for. If she did listen to such ridiculous advice, she deserved to lose. No candidate should be guaranteed any voter’s support.

I am curious about is legal immigrants. Over the course of my life, I’ve lived in two purple states, and a blue state. I’ve gotten to know many people who immigrated to this country, and one thing that strikes me as notable is that all of them – Arabic, Asian, Central American, and European – were outspoken Trump voters. All of them. I wonder if this is a general trend, or somehow it’s only people that I happen to have met.


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