What in the World is the Obama Administration Doing?

Soon-to-be-former President Barack Obama has been busy. He sprints through the final days of his term like a bargain basement, determined to have something significant Trump can’t undo. To that end, the president has devoted last week to bridge-burning with our allies.

It began when a UN resolution was passed that condemned Israeli settlements on the West Bank. The U.S. historically vetoed anti-Israeli bills like these but they didn’t this time. No explanation for the about-face on U.S. policy was given to the public, but Secretary of State John Kerry gave Israel a patronizing lecture that contained a few clues. “You can be Democratic or you can be Jewish, but you cannot be both,” he said. Note: This is the only documented instance of John Kerry saying anything interesting on record. Who cares if it’s nonsense?

Planned talks for a 2-state solution collapsed two years ago, and it didn’t trouble Obama until last week. His refusal to stand by Israel is more likely a byproduct of his icy relationship with Netanyahu.


No bromance here

Trump sent a tweet calling Kerry a traitor and inexplicably referring to him as “the worst import from Vietnam”. He appeared with Don King for a mini-press conference (because why not?), and the boxing promoter waved small U.S. and Israeli flags. Trump said relatively little about Kerry except his speech “spoke for itself.”

The Israeli government responded quickly: “We have ironclad information that the Obama administration really helped push this resolution and helped craft it.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Secretary Kerry of supporting terrorism, which was unfairly harsh. Kerry doesn’t originate ideas or map out strategies. His only skill is reading in grave, statesman-like tones; he probably thinks the West Bank settlement is a condo community in Georgetown. 

Seriously, I don't know anything. But I look just like Andrew Jackson, right?

Seriously, I don’t know anything, but I look a lot like Andrew Jackson.

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From an Oceanside Stroll with Nixon to Drinking Water with Rubio: Awkward Political Photos

As the 2016 political season gets underway, I thought it would be fun to get in the mood by celebrating some moments politicians and their keepers only wish they could forget!

Apologies to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (both avid readers of Lost in the Garden) for the double-exposure. I’m not picking on you. It’s just what happens when you’re married to or the brother of a current presidential candidate.

Super awkward with Johnson. Wikipedia describes Johnson's

Wikipedia describes Johnson’s “aggressive coercion” of others.

A stroll with Nixon on the beach, complete with suit, tie, and wingtips. See? He's just like us!

Nixon takes an oceanside stroll, complete with dress pants and wingtips. See? He’s just like us!

Ford attempts to eat a hot tamale without removing the corn shuck

Ford attempts to eat a hot tamale without removing the corn shuck

Aging like fine wine!

Aging like fine wine!

Michael Dukakis attempts to show he's ready to be Commander in Chief

Michael Dukakis shows he’s ready to be Commander in Chief

Oh, Bill. How I miss the jogging to McDonald's days.

I so miss the jogging to McDonald’s days.

This is just painful.

Somehow I know Bush still wears this on lazy Sunday mornings

Poor Howard Dean. His

Dean’s media invented “scream” ruined his campaign. 

Kerry does a photo-op at NASA, just like a really tall Easter Bunny

Kerry does a photo-op at NASA. Comment unnecessary.

Obama taking selfies at Nelson Mandela's memorial. Wife: Unthrilled.

Obama taking selfies at memorial service. Michelle Obama’s expression does not bode well for possibility of future selfies.

That poor woman

I cringe whenever I see this


Rubio’s “scandalous” sip of water – the counterpart to the Dean Scream

Am I the only one who would not welcome Bush III?

Am I the only one who would not welcome Bush III?